The Paris Games Week is the major gaming event in Paris, France and this year, KYKLOS was proudly invited to attend the pre-opening evening. Actually, when we conducted our market study, we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of gamers, streamers and publishers and following this approach, we were able to exchange a lot with Alexandre Dachary (aka Dach), former Eclypsia’s Manager and now Zerator’s right arm shouldering the development of the company ZT Production. He helped us a lot acquiring respondents to the survey and we thank him again for that! Better, he invited us to the PGW event, to attend the pre-opening party.

Then, it was a privileged moment to discuss with a lot of people from the gaming industry. Rémy went there and had the chance to enjoy this very special moment.

Numerous stakeholders from the gaming industry attend the event, publishers like Ubisoft, Nintendo, or different sponsors like and the ground-breaking company Blade with Shadow project.
As we said before, going to such an event with such conditions is perfect to get immersed in the show which is the biggest gaming event in France and the second Europe-wide. You can roam around all the booths without the huge crowd coming the next days and the people in charge are easier to reach out and talk to. A cool thing is also that we can test the games without queuing for hours (you can be sure that Rémy enjoyed especially that part! 😃). A large range of new announcement is of course expected, for example with a big PlayStation booth to play Call Of Duty: World War II (as you can see in the pictures).

Eventually, Rémy went to Ubisoft’s booth to talk to professionals who really liked the idea and planned a meeting the next days which gives us strong hopes for KYKLOS’s future!
This show was finally a great opportunity to communicate about the company and receive some good feedbacks from different stakeholders, we also sparked some great partnerships with small gaming businesses which will allow you soon to enjoy fully your experience on KYKLOS.


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