KYKLOS  team decided to give you a little review of all the things that interested us this week.

MarioKart arrives on mobiles

Nintendo announced that we will be able to play with the small italian plumber in crazy races on our smartphones. The game Mario Kart Tour is announced for March 2019 so you’ll have to be patient before being able to “drive a kart” in your car or in the bus. It’s not the first try for the japanese firm in terms of mobile games. We can think about Super Mario Run, downloaded 200 billion times and about Fire Emblem Heroes. The famous kart race game will be developed for iOS and Android and we still expect information about its economic model.
Moreover, Super Mario Odyssey on Switch made a huge score with 9 million copies sold and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with more than 7 million copies. Furthermore, Nintendo announced the preparation of an animation movie around Mario’s universe. Conception will be supported by Nintendo with Illumination Entertainment (Despicable me).

The release of the new Age of Empire

To celebrate the 20th birthday of the franchise, the developers decided to refresh one of the most beloved Real Time Strategy game of the history. Pictures have been remastered in order to reach an HD quality, so as the soundtrack and the IA has been improved.
The final release of Age of Empire: Definitive Edition is planned for February 20th, only on PC, to an affordable price because the gamers will only have to pay 20€ to buy it.

Here is the trailer!

Selling record for Dragon Ball FighterZ one week after its release

Bandai Namco and Capcom can bes satisfied. After only one week, the new game paying tribute the saiyans, Dragon Ball FighterZ, has already been bought for more than 2 million copies. This score leads DBFZ to own the title of best launching for Dragon Ball game. Many DLCs are announced in order to introduce new characters and new scenarios.

This excellent score leads us to anticipate the preparation of volume 2. It also creates a comfortable dynamic for the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 announced for the second semester of 2018. The firm considers developing the e-sport on DBFZ. It would be a first for Bandai Namco with such a high magnitude game.

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