The video game adaptations of mangas or any type of cinematographic entertainment are rarely masterpieces. However, Attack on Titans is rich enough to lead to a true franchise. The studios OMEGA Force and Koei Tecmo realized the first attempt with Attack on Titans: Liberty Wings, but the game, too stiff, not ambitious enough and especially incomplete in terms of gameplay and design wasn’t very successful according to specialists and the audience, despite many expectations. This time, with AOT 2, we can see the efforts, a true will to make people experience the fight against the Titans. A quick review of the contributions of this second opus will allow us to say that this game is worthy of the Japanese “Game of Thrones”.

A more complete gameplay

One of the main advantages to using the scenario of the second season for this game is that there are more titans fights. After brilliantly managing to reproduce the tridimensional moving system in Liberty wings, the developers focused this time on a titan combat system with more possibilities, freedom of movements. However, we can regret the absence of interactions with the elements of the sceneries, which could have brought more dynamism to these giants fights.
Although, the titan hunt as a human has been implemented. The number of available characters to play has been increased, any of them having its specifications, the killing titan system has been enriched thanks to more movements possibilities, more potential strategies in terms of attachment and impact points on the titan. The attacks are more colored, with more inertia animations, and more blood, which makes the game realist in the end.

A new multiplayer mode

The game owns now a new multiplayer mode. You can now fulfill exploration missions or objective protection as a four-character squad. The game contains an amelioration system with points earned according to your level of cooperation as a squad. You won’t be able to fight other humans, totally antagonist with the story of the manga (or is it ?).
Furthermore, un new game mode has been teased recently by the studio. It’s a mode where you won’t be protecting humanity by controlling a human willing to kill titans, but the opposite. The player takes control of a titan aiming to either survive as long as possible to human assaults or to kill as many humans as possible in a limited amount of time. In any case, this innovation brings a real freshness to the game by going against the concept of the manga.

An animation still perfectible

If many people consider that the anime AOT magnifies the manga, it’s mainly due to the beauty of the animations, the power brought by the movements, the moods, special effects, to a manga criticized a lot for its drawings. Here, the developers decided to use a gaming engine and not the anime sequences for the animations and the out-of-gameplay parts. Even though we appreciate the effort, the animations remain an unexploited potential.
Of course, they have been implemented compared to the first episode, which only adds dialogues scenes with fixed characters and dialogue lines. But it remains surprising to see a character such as Mikasa smiling or even extruding. Likewise, when you watch certain images of gameplay, the animations of the Titans, especially the Gorilla Titan, are still pretty much robotics, too harsh, like some bosses of the good old games of the PS2 for example. It’s still a topic to be worked on.
To conclude, this game shows a real progression in terms of gamer experience and take us closer to the sensations you can feel when you watch the anime. It’s a good game, still perfectible, and we look forward to seeing where the studios will go to adapt in the best way possible the Attack on Titans phenomenon.
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