Famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Squeezie, Amixem had people discovering this game a few weeks ago and the feedback from their community was excellent, they caught a lot of success.

What is VRChat?

A VR social network where you can go through different world with an avatar, discuss and play with people, meet different nationalities. It reminds us the first “social game” that Habbo was. Today, it is a real success. Released a year ago (on the 1st of February 2017), we could have believed that this game suffers the lack of players that other VR games meet. However, with more than 3 million players, VRChat is federating a huge community and surfing on its buzz. It is not more than one of the biggest success of the VR market.

Investors have well understood this, in September 2017, VRChat raised around $4 million from HTC. The app is now available on Steam and released on Viveport and Oculus Rift.

What are the keys to its success?

A lot of customization and here it is! Each player can create its own character (and even its own world for the most motivated) or can just select the already existent models. The player’s fantasy is very present and takes place a lot! Who didn’t ever dreamt of being Pikachu, Ash, Freezer, Vegeta or even Sponge Bob?

Above the possibility of being your favorite character, these customization possibilities made appeared characters from famous “memes” (on Reddit ). One of the best examples is Ugandan Knuckles, a cheap caricature from Knuckles (from Sonic of Sega).

This caricature appeared for the first time in a review made by the YouTuber Gregzilla. And it comes from the game Sonic Lost World. It quickly became a “meme” on the web. Following the apparition of a 3D model of this character, Ugandan Knuckle began to invade VRChat. This delirium about Ugandan Knuckle explains a part of the success of VRChat.

VRChat perpetuates the meme virality on the web, gives them life and feels like the following of forums and other social platforms on which meme is running.

All in all, VRChat is the real beginning of virtual reality, the first highly successful game, a social network game which reminds the first-ever live chat around the 2000s and which promises a lot for virtual reality.


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