EPIC GAME’s prime game didn’t stop attracting new players and is now keeping them. In February, Fortnite was the 4th most played game on PC with around 16.3% of the players! He is now above PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG) which is now the 5th with 14.6%. The fanbase and the number of streamers are still growing. If we exclude esports competitions, Fortnite is the most streamed game on Twitch and Youtube.

New content releases allow Fortnite to keep its players

If we compare December and February, it is obvious. In December, only 8% of the players had played Fortnite for at least 28 days, whereas it is around 14% in February! It’s almost the double. EPIC GAMES really understood that ephemeral content is important. For Valentine’s day, a patch was released with a particular event, new weapons ( crossbow and minigun ) and new constructions’ possibilities. Same thing for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Fortnite is really popular in Europe, while PUBG in Asia

In its interview, THZ had already told us that PUBG attracted more “core gamers” while Fortnite, with its cartoon aspect, attracted more casual players. But what is really impressive is the players’ concentration per country. There is a really big difference, PUBG is more Asian and Fortnite is more European.

France is the first pool of Fortnite players, you couldn’t have missed it!

Fortnite keeps on growing

If we look at the different games more largely in North America and in Europe, Fortnite has gained 3 seats in 2 months, is now above CSGO and WOW. That is remarkable to go beyond these famous games. That is what Fortnite is capable of. It is only the beginning, will it reach the top 3 and go over Hearthstone, Minecraft, and League of Legends?

Only the future will tell us, but one thing is sure, EPIC GAMES has implemented a strong following on its game with constant releases, events and it should please gamers and streamers, which are now advertising Fortnite every day.

Will we meet on the battlefield?


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