A video game studio, a start-up specialized in tech, or even a sex empire, management games are invading the gaming industry nowadays, as a reborn of the “tycoons”’golden age. Let’s analyze this phenomenon.
An interface refined as much as possible
Management games new-gen are characterized by a very simplified interface, environmental graphics are not so developed, in 2.5 dimensions most of the time faces features made very briefly or not made at all… In any case, considering that the image quality is not what the consumer searches in this kind of games, studios like to keep it simple.
Sets are also simplified. In average, you will only have from 1 to 4 different sets in these new games, and their content is also pretty limited. There are some customization possibilities, but we are far away from the level of some other games as the Sims for example.
Likewise, in terms of sounds, dialogues or even interactions between characters are non-existent or very rare, and the original soundtracks are very weak and contains only a few songs.

A shorten lifetime

Henceforth, we are not supposed to spend entire days on management games. In general, the main characteristic of these new games is how easy they are to complete. If the objective is to become the leader on a determined market, once this objective completed, the game loses its interest.

Furthermore, even inside the gameplay, most of the tasks are pretty repetitive. The idea is to reproduce the same combos, and wait for the AI to finish the order, in order to start winning right away or a few times later.

Innovative themes and current situations

Thereupon, we wonder what explains the success of this kind of game. It’s basically because, in the 2000’s, we were not concerned by how to manage a zoo or an amusement park, it was more like a dream, a fantasy, but now, becoming an entrepreneur or launch your own video game studio is possible for almost everyone.

Furthermore, these games are extremely casual so it’s easy to earn money really fast or just being successful. The player is then really attached to the game since the first hours of gameplay, like some kind of “Binge playing”, but then he gets bored and leave the game once the main objective is accomplished. Studios understood these mechanisms well as we notice a high launching rhythm of management games to fulfill the players that just ended the former game.

To conclude, the last factor explaining this success is the distribution. Steam now offers the majority of management games, independent most of the time, to an affordable price, which allows to remain close to the player, who knows exactly where to search the future game to set its sight.

My personal crush 🔥

A game I particularly appreciate is called “Game Dev Tycoon”. The idea is to create a independent video game studio and to make it bigger. It’s captivating because you retrieve many codes of the industry, such as the distinction between independent mission, editing contracts, the creation of your own video game, the creation of a gaming engine in which you will add the features resulting from your researches etc. You must take into account all the marketing and communication aspects, with the gaming conventions, journalists, critiques, publicity campaigns, and all of this brings a lot of realism. And it’s a real satisfaction, when you are passionate like me, to manage to create a game that media and the public praise.


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