Changes of the League of Legends’ ranking system

In its last Youtube video, the LoL executive producer New001 presents the new ranking system for the 9th season of LoL.

The 8th season just began and this claim concentrated a lot of reacts around Lol these days. LoL, which kept a relatively classical ranking system since its beginning, that is to say, a solo/duo ranking and a team ranking, wants to change to avoid the lack of precision and of fairness of the current ranking system. Tiers ( bronze, silver, gold…) will also be shorter with fewer divisions in it.

Today, if a midlaner plays ranked games and climbs up the ranks, it does not tell if this player is good as a support or as an ADC. In ranked games, people can meet surprises with high/middle elo players who are not as good as they ranking suggests. Therefore they put a negative pressure on their team.

That’s when the new system has a role. Each player will be ranked for each role, independently from the other roles. A player may then be Diamond 5 as a jungler but only a Gold I as a midlaner! The ranking system will be much more representative of the players’ real level.

At the same time, there will only be 4 divisions (instead of 5 before) to get to the next Tier. It will give a better and smoother progression for players.

In a nutshell, you won’t be able to hide your real level from your mates!

New Fortnite season: the mysterious meteor

On the 30th of April, the 4th season of Fortnite begins. Many speculations followed the teasing tweet of Epic Games.

According to this tweet, a meteor is about to crash on the map.

Does it mean that a part of the map is going to be destroyed?

Some suggest that it would be the end of Tilted Towers, this famous city where all of those who want to fight as soon as possible go. If it was to happen, it would be an iconic city of Fortnite that would be wiped out… and replaced by new content? Other sources say that it could destroy a different map location: Dusty Depot, less crowded and much less exploited by the developers.

All in all, it surely means great changes are coming for Fortnite and also a huge upheaval. Should I remind you that a meteor was responsible for the end of an entire species ?

Following the last tweet, some other pictures were published with the clear presence of superheroes. We guess a woman who looks like Wonder Woman, a masked superhero, and a third one much more mysterious and the last one, could it be Cyborg?

The 4th season will, therefore, be for sure superhero oriented. Considering the different hints EPIC Games gave us, these superheroes would be DC Comics superheroes.

How and why would EPIC Games get a DC Comics license?

First of all, Tencent ( video games & internet Chinese giant) owns 40% of EPIC Games. Then Tencent already released a game called Strike of Kings, which uses DC Comics heroes. It makes no doubt that EPIC Games would have no problem getting the DC Comics license for Fortnite. In the opposite scenario where EPIC Games wouldn’t use the expensive rights for the characters, we are definitely sure they could give us some perfect caricatures of our favorite superheroes!

Even if these are only suppositions, days after days, Fortnite seems to follow our guesses.
Be Ready!


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