This week, KYKLOS’ team met Maylie, Gamers Assembly’s winner a few weeks ago under the Oserv’s coat of arms! Today, she is in charge of a new roster and Maylie is strongly determined to prove herself and her teammates skilled enough. The first test: the DreamHack in Tours, France mid-may. Before that, she talks about her performance during the last Gamers Assembly and about her ambitions.

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KYKLOS: Hey Maylie! I hope you’re well. As we told you before, we interview some interesting people on the gaming market and that’s why we’re together today. If you want, can you start introducing yourself to our audience, how you became a pro-player etc…?
Maylie: Yes, of course, let’s do this! I’m Maylie, I’m 26 and I have been part of Oserv esport team since the end of the Lyon esport (Find out more about the Lyon esport here). Today, I’m focused on creating a new roster for Oserv.
First of all, I started gaming on Counter-Strike 1.6, 10 years ago… where I already played to compete. I attended lots of LANs, which allowed me to gain experience. I stopped when CS: GO was launched but I had to follow my studies, I took a different path, in order to do something else.  2 or 3 years later I went back to gaming but the hype around CS: GO was already going down, the teams were stable. It’s quite hard to enter a game in the middle of the development. I played that game, always to perform but with a different spirit, without a real esport dynamics. When Overwatch appeared, I switched for 6 months on that game, I played in a mixed-gender team during online competitions. Despite being Master (high rank in the game), the community was so bad, so toxic, I decided to go for Battle Royale (BR) with H1Z1, which was all-new.

From that point, I thought that BR was the future of online gaming because people were fed up of playing the same games and BR was bringing a fresh touch to the market. The advantage of BR is that you don’t exclusively rely on your teammates to perform properly. Even if it’s a teamplay game, it’s very different, it depends on individual decisions and I loved that. The problem laid down H1Z1… tournaments were only organized but the producer and you had to know someone important to play or be a great influencer… I don’t like this mindset so I decided to quit the game.

K: OK, I understand but do you think this “privatization” is still consuming the game?
M: Exactly, if the game doesn’t offer competitive opportunities… For instance, Fortnite has just released the access to private tournaments, maybe even a bit too easy but it’s cool! Conversely, H1Z1 never did that! We had to train again too different people, it was hard to get better. I didn’t like it.
K: It even wipes out the concept of gaming improvement?
M: Yes, it closes too many opportunities. What’s the interest for a player who wants to compete? Be careful, I’m not talking about the casual player who’s just here for fun! I can understand why the game performs well but I don’t like the competitive scene spirit, I was wasting my time. Knowing I’ve always been a very competitive player, I had to choose between PUBG or Fortnite. The first one is too slow. It’s my viewpoint, I prefer arcade gaming that’s why I switched to Fortnite.
K: We were at the Lyon esport and I thought that the high stakes forced players to play more slowly at Fortnite during the tournament. They didn’t try to do spectacular moves and the speed of the game is a bit downgraded with a high reward at stake. Of course, I understand they had to perform but it’s less entertaining for viewers.
M: Yes, you’re right but this is the mechanism behind BR. You have a long part of looting. Your goal is top be #1. During the Gamers Assembly (GA), we had a clear posture which led us to the victory and I thank our staff for this!
K: We are going to get back to the competition later. Can you come back to your career? How did you end up at Oserv esport?
M: When I started Fortnite, I didn’t really find the same feeling I had on H1Z1 but I’m a small streamer so I played the game of the moment! Then I went to the Lyon esport as a viewer with a friend and coming back to such a big event triggered my former self! After that, I wanted to get back to the competition. I went back home, and I started to try-hard, I wanted to get better. By chance, I was playing with Oserv’s manager and the marketing director was looking for new players to create a new roster. I passed the test and I was the first player recruited in this new team. Oserv’s ambition was to hire low-profile player with strong potential and make them become true gold nugget! I only had 200h of played time.
K: And personally, do you have any exclusive sponsors?
M: No I’m too small as a streamer but Oserv is working on it! The GA victory helped us, for sure but I don’t have sponsors who pays me for playing. They only give me some material advantages.
K: Is it your main activity/source of revenues?
M: Yes, I’m lucky because I can live from streaming but I don’t live alone which is helpful as well!

K: Cool, that’s encouraging! What are the changes that you noticed after winning the GA?

M: First, no one believed in us, even ourselves! JuleZ joined the team 48h before the tournament, Deadra and M11z were picked 3 weeks before as well. We had only a little time to train. It’s just incredible!

K: yes that’s clearly awesome! What kind of information is important in a game like Fortnite? How can a coach be useful?

M: Lulu (the coach) asked us to work landing at Tilted Towers (specific location on the map where aggressive players like going). We had to master both individual skill set and cooperation to be efficient there. It’s very hard to leave Tilted Towers safe and sound! We had to spend a lot of resources and ammo to beat our opponents, we were not sure it was a good idea. Lulu kept repeating to land there because during the tournament no one would go there because it was too risky! Players would be afraid of losing the game too early. We then kept landing there and it worked! Out of 16 games during the tournament, we only met 3 other teams in Tilted Towers!

K: You dropped all the time at Tilted?

M: Almost! For the last two games, we thought people would be trying to go to Tilted to stop us and to maximize their kill streak. Though, we decided to land at Lucky Landing, a safe spawn. We got the tournament’s kill record in one game (17 kills) and on the overall tournament (120 kills). We’re 600 points ahead the second in the last ranking.

K: Interesting, quite a good strategy! How, as a woman, are you recognized in this ecosystem?

M: People spat at my face… Definitely! Before the win, we were no one… we only had a few hours of cooperation time, I’m a woman. It was quite hard for me and even for the team! Of course, after the GA, it’s different, but I don’t care about this people, they are only attracted by the fame around the victory! Now we already have in mind the DreamHack mid-may!

K: Before, you said BR is a specific game mode, centered on the single player. Why is it different compared to a classic FPS in terms of team spirit?

M: Of course you have a team dimension but individually you can make a difference! You don’t really depend on the team to go top1. On FPS, if you are not very coordinated with your squad, you’re nothing! In BR, it’s more a binomial relationship, a relative position with your mates, not relying on their behavior. Every situation is new.

K: OK, clear. You’ve just taken the reins of a new roster inside the Oserv esport teams. Is it still on Fortnite? Why creating a new set of players on the same game?

M: Yes, it the same game. Why? Oserv offered me to launch a new structure because I’m part of the Oserv family and they didn’t want to let me leave without offering a new challenge. I accepted because I already did something similar, why not doing it twice! Oserv will then have two teams : Oserv Esport Black and Oserv Esport Blue.

K: What are the ambitions of this new team?

M: Nothing changes. I only have one more condition: I want to play with people with an identical mindset and moral conviction. I select the players thanks to their mindset, more than on their skills.

K: Cool! I understand perfectly! Is the team ready? How are you going to pick your mates?

M: The team is regrouping slowly but I take the time to do things properly, without rushing even if we have the Dreamhack tournament in a few weeks (from May 19th to 21st).

K: Eventually, this is almost the same situation as it was for the GA! How do you feel as the team leader? What does this mean for you?
M: Right, I already beared this role. I think I’m stable enough in the gaming market to be able to handle young players and allow them to get better in a safe environment. I want to create a team with great synergies, a likeable mindset which can push us to victory!
K: Sounds excellent! Great challenge! To conclude quickly, do you have another message to give to the gaming community?
M: For the one who are doing esport or who have the ambition to compete, keep going on! You don’t need to be a famous streamer to break ground: train, get better and be the best!
K: Thanks a lot Maylie, good luck for your next tournaments ! We wish you the best!
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