Showcased during a French show in April, “Tonerre”, Gamers Origin member, agreed to answer our questions about his career as a pro-player on League of Legends!

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KYKLOS: Could you please tell us about your career path and how did you end up Gamers Origin?
Tonerre: Well I started playing LoL during season 2. I fell in love with it! This game is super diverse and fluid. One of the main points is that it is free to play, it is skill-based and not money-based. No need to pay to get better. Then I was ranked top 1000 during season 5 and that is when my pro career really started. I was recruited by PCS (Project Conquerors), whom with I participated to my first DreamHack, my first national championship. Then I played with the LAMASTICREW and finally, I joined Gamers Origin (GO) early in January 2017, and I am still working with them.
K: What is your opinion about LoL Open Tour?
T: I like the idea that you are rewarded for your global performance and not only on a one-time LAN performance. The more constant you are during the year, the better you are. It forces us to train and to keep a good level all year long and not train hard before a LAN.
K: What do you think about LoL’s future? What about the competition (DOTA, HOTS)?
T: League of Legends has still bright days in perspective. Each game is unique and the game is evolving, that is what makes its beauty. Moreover, the meta is constantly changing, which makes our champion’s pool moving from what it used to be before.
The competition doesn’t really exist in my opinion. LoL is really uncontested and diverse, it makes its force.
K: What advice would you give to players who want to improve on a complex & diverse game as LoL?

T: You have to focus on your mistakes, watch your games’ replays, analyze them and do better. And enjoy the game, play for fun. It is still a game and even if there are now high cash prizes and a real scene, pleasure is far more important than money. Basically, pleasure will make you fall in love with the game.

K: Being a professional may ask for a lot of sacrifices. Do you sometimes regret it?
T: Well, I did some personal and professional sacrifices, but today, I am happy, the team works well, the mood is great. Nothing will make me regret my choice.
K: What are your ambitions and projects for the incoming years?
T: I really want to stay first for the whole year on LoL Open Tour. And mainly, I would like to win the next European Master with GO, it would be awesome! As every player, I would also like playing in the LCS, to taste the very best level of LoL. Keeping my in-game pleasure is also a key factor, I don’t want to lose it.

K: Thank you Tonerre, keep going 😀


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