Gardoum is a French caster on League of Legends and during the MSI (our article here), we met him to talk about his job!

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KYKLOS: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your career path?

Gardoum: I am Christian, I am 27 yo and I am a League of Legends esport caster! About my career, let’s go back far in the past. I have been highly enthusiastic about video games since I am a kid. At first, I wanted to be “Character designer” (someone who draws characters from video games). After the French Scientific baccalaureate (French A-level), I tried to join an art curriculum. So I applied to state-owned schools because private schools were not affordable. But I was not short-listed and therefore did like a preparation year for the curriculum I targetted. The next year, I failed again to join the art curriculum. I, therefore, changed my mind and tried to join the Beaux-Arts, but drawing skills are needed to join it. I had no experience in drawing, I wanted to learn it, that’s what interested me: starting from scratch because I love challenges.

Then I went to art courses at the university. After one year, I realized it did not match my profile. I, therefore, started working and I also played LoL a lot: at the season 2, I had a 2025 ELO and I was top 200-300 in Europe during the season 3. I began streaming, it was a really educational stream, in which I was explaining my mechanics, my moves and so on. Then people asked me to do some VOD and therefore I started posting on Youtube. During one year, I was able to live thanks to these activities and I wanted to develop them. But unfortunately, I had to stop for a year and the next streaming generation ( DominGo & cie) arrived and it was hard for me to come back.

End of 2015, O’Gaming was recruiting esport casters on social networks. I was short-listed and became a caster. Of course, I kept my other job in parallel. It is only around the end of 2016 that I decided to be full-time on video games and to earn enough to live with it. 2017 was not an easy year, but I kept on trying, I started commenting LANs, animating Meltdown nights, coaching players…There it is.

K: What did you think about MSI but also of the LoL Open Tour?

G: MSI was incredible. I would say that I did not comment enough! This kind of event is excellent, the crowd was so excited. It was amazing.

The Open Tour is really a key factor to develop the French league. In France, we have high-level players, but the scene is not developed enough. Compared to some other countries, we were far behind. This championship was a really nice beginning, as I said, the French scene is full of talented players. It is a real pleasure to comment on these events because we know the players, we can tease them on stage and we know that we will laugh about it at night around a drink.

K: Do you think that these kinds of tournaments and leagues could lead to competitions between countries as it was seen during the Overwatch world cup, with some national teams?

G: Well, we had the European Master, but it was not exactly the same scheme. But it was only the first year of this competition. In my opinion, it will evolve toward this scheme.

K: How do you see the future of the French cast, particularly speaking of the structures?

G: At a time, I think that there will be some companies with many casters who will offer their services. They will comment for everyone and will cover a large part of the games. Well, here we are talking about Riot’s game. They may want to recover their broadcasting rights at some point and therefore, they will be looking for some casters. But now, we have no information about it, but I like this idea which will for sure give stability to the ecosystem.

K: Would you be interested in becoming a Riot caster, if it were to happen?

G: If I can live to be a Riot caster, I say yes! Much more, if I can live from my VoD and my stream, I would love it.

What you may understand is that I am not an esport fan, I enjoy video games. And esport is part of video games, so I like it. But video games are first. They are what I like. Playing a game, talking about it, sharing ideas, talking about the video games’ culture…This is a job that thrills me. It is a universe that is still under construction, we are building it.

K: Let’s move to a question we all want to ask, how do you watch and comment on a live game? Watching the MSI, the decisions are made so fast, it is incredible to hear you commenting on them in life.

G: Well, it is a proper job…(laugh) You develop reflex, visual skills…And day after day you are improving, it is like everything. I played basketball for 3 years, and still, I ask myself how do pro players are scoring 3 points. The answer: they worked harder and longer. Talking about it, LoL is like an encyclopedia, there are many things to know about the game.

Looking backward, I never trained alone in front of my computer, commenting games alone. What I learned the most was the speaking time management. I am used to solo-casting and to be the only one to talk is really different from commenting with others.

K: Let’s move on other games, what games do you play?

G: Right now…I only play LoL. My gaming time is highly limited. Still, I tried FrostPunk and I liked it! Also, I am a huge fan of games like DarkSoul, The Witcher. I am video games enthusiastic, you know, if I could live from streaming and video, I would play all video games and would enjoy it! (laugh)

K: Would you see yourself casting another game than LoL?

G: Of course! If people ask me to comment on another game, I would say yes. That is my job. I am here to comment, yes!

K: What games would you enjoy commenting?

G: Well, I never thought about it to be honest. But I am open-minded, it is my job, as I said.

K: What do you think about games like Fortnite, which are early-adopters on the esport scene?

G: I don’t play this game. In my opinion, it is a game which is hard to follow. There is a lot of hype around it : events, Marvel partnership, big streamers, the announcement of the 100 million on esport…Would that game have been through all of it without all these things? I don’t know. But even further, the game is not so accessible. Many skills are needed to play well at Fortnite.

But the game is still young, this is the beginning of a new era, a new kind of games. For the moment, I am not a huge fan, but we should follow it.

K: Thank you for your time and your answers, it was a pleasure!

G: My pleasure 😉


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