HearthStone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch … None of these games would have existed without the success of the most famous MMORPG: World of Warcraft.


Blizzard-Activision Entertainment, have capitalized on this success to decline the concept and characters in other games. But for some years, World of Warcraft was no longer at the top. Too much played time needed, not enough “rewarding”, too expensive, too immutable, the game suffered many critics, but also the arrival of blockbusters like Counter Strike, Call of Duty and of course League of Legends. But strangely, the community keeps buying the extensions, to farm various characters, and games like HearthStone maintain the memory of the players. A film was even made around WoW universe.

The revival for World of Warcraft ?

But it’s time for the renewal of World of Warcraft. Battle for Azeroth, released in August 2018, signals a resurrecting interest in the game. People want to return to the battlefield to be ready for the new dungeons and the new raids. But, what else ?
Esport makes its appearance. Obviously, there were already competitions organized by the community, especially in PvP arena. But now, the tournaments are officially headed by Blizzard, but particularly on the PvE mode. Indeed, the idea is to place two guilds with the same level, and to make them conquer the same dungeon simultaneously. The team that finish it first wins the match. And this could go very far because depending on the level of the players, the same dungeon could see its difficulty increase.
Then was announced a mode that will delight the most conquerors of us all, the Wild PvP. Players will join a server, with their guild, and face other guilds. Some will be in the Alliance, others in the Horde, and will have ferocious battles. Some will settle for small clashes here and there. But where it’s interesting is that the players who will be the most lethal to opposed guilds will be awarded with a bonus, like XP or money that will affect the players who will shoot this target. The players “WANTED” will appear directly on the map, which will compare easily with a hunted man.
In any case, we are particularly hyped on our side to see again this mythical game on the front of the stage. And what about you ?
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