Jérémy Girardot is the manager of AS Monaco’s esport team. In Paris attending the Orange e-league 1, he agreed to meet us and to answer our questions. An incredibly enriching meeting of his experience in the esport market.
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KYKLOS: What is your career path and how did you end up in AS Monaco esport?

Jérémy: I began esport at 18 years old. I am a dinosaur in this discipline! I worked as video games seller, and it is how I discovered esport. At that time, it was on the first Xbox with Xbox Live, I began on Forza Motorsport 1! Some of my customers suggested I had to join their team. And to be honest, it was extremely fun! Besides, I have a competitive spirit as I practiced a lot in athletics at a good level, and confronting myself to other people was always important for me. Already at that time, I was convinced that esport was going to get famous and to become what it is today.

Afterward, I started working as community manager for Bang Bang Management, Xbox, EA sport, FFF as a freelance, activity which I keep working on out of my managing position today. I was also in charge of multi-gaming association and writer for the site aAa.

Thanks to these activities, I was approached by the team Epsilon that I joined and I had to coach Vincent “Vinch” on Fifa. We made a great season! As a result, the team offered me to coach the entire FIFA team and I had the mission to make the team a reference on the French territory.
After a season, with Vincent “Vinch” we decided to leave the structure and we joined Melty Esport team! But 3 months later, the team stopped… It was a great short experience because working conditions were great and the team spirit was fun! Then, we moved to the FC Nantes. And after 6 months, I decided to leave because I wasn’t paid and I wanted to get rewarded for the invested time.

I was eventually contacted by AS Monaco. The club had already experienced a first esport touch partnering with Epsilon, but they wanted to launch their own team to be the spokesman of the club’s values. We quickly came to an agreement, and Vincent joined us afterward because his profile matched perfectly with the club’s! Today I am the manager of AS Monaco’s esport team.

K: What are the goals of the club?
J: For AS Monaco, it is really about considering the esport as a sport. It is not at all a blow of communication, the club believes in it very strongly. Our goal is to create teams on the most famous esport games, and make progress on these at a national level at least because winning titles is part of the club! During the first season, we have a FIFA section (obviously for a football club ;)) but we also opened a section on NBA 2K. It is a bet because we are among the first ones in France to make it. We hope that esport on this game is going to get closer to the American model which is just incredible. Besides, the club has a great basketball team so it is not completely illogical to bet on this game!
K: AS Monaco is considered as a great training center for young people (in particular in football), is it in the ambitions of the club to apply this model to esport and to become a training center for esport athletes?
J: Why not! You have to go step by step. We must move slowly but surely. The current priority is to already properly coach our players. The whole club is involved in this mission offering their skills at the service of the esport team.
K: At the moment, you have a FIFA and NBA 2K teams. Do you want to expand on famous esport games?
Jérémy: We have never hidden this ambition. We even have already talked about some, such as Rocket League, Hearthstone … League of Legends as well obviously. But it is not the priority. We already have other stages to reach before this. The will of the club is, of course, to go there, but always respecting the values of the club and not to racing ahead far too quickly.
K: We see many professional football clubs opening esport sections. Do you think that all the clubs should go there? Or it is another environment secluded for the elite and for the powerful clubs?
J: For me, nothing is exclusive for anybody. Why not tomorrow we’ll see basketball clubs arriving? In the USA, basketball clubs or even sportsmen are already active on the esport scene. Everything depends on objectives that each one of us settles! Everybody can make esport, but it’s a different story to succeed in this environment. Esport is a specific market, which is still moving, which has its own codes, his actors, and at the moment, people with knowledge are needed to support companies or clubs who want to go on the esport market. Monaco did it, by taking people stemming from the esport scene to strengthen their section and doing so, it proves that it can work!
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