Kusa is a French Streamer on World of Warcraft. He has been in different French famous guilds and he is one of most famous French player.

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KYKLOS: Hi Kusa, can you introduce yourself and explain your career until today?

Kusa: I’ve been playing video games for years! I am quite old now (laugh). I’m 30 years old so I’m a bit old for the sector! I started at the origin of Age of Empire 2! I played in deathmatch and I was in the top French players. I’m talking to you about all this but it was before the ADSL!

After I started playing Counter Strike. I did a lot of LAN and played with very good players who are still at the top. And one day with a friend, we wanted to test World of Warcraft, it was still in beta. And since then I have never stopped. But what was magic was this atmosphere at the beginning of the game: no toxicity, there was a lot of support between players! Compared to other games, it was really nice.

So I was 17 when I started, I played a lot in PVE with different guilds: the PeaceMakers, Wraith, The Fallen, Wait For It (which became Millennium to become Wait For It again). But yes, WoW is like my wife, I fell in love at first and since then I can not let it go! In addition, the guild Wait For It is a beautiful group of friends who play together for several years!


KYKLOS: So today you’re more a PvE player?

Kusa: Today yes, but until Lich King (one of the extensions of the game), it was 50/50. Before the PVE took less time than today. The game really evolved and the strategies were much easier to find, which gave us time to play in PVP! But that depends on the guild in which you evolve! Today, at Wait For It, we play a lot in PVE, but if you’re not in a raid with the guild, you can play in Arena for example. It’s an atmosphere that I really love.


KYKLOS: The competition on World of Warcraft is complex, could you explain it a little for people who do not necessarily know this aspect?

Kusa: As soon as a new Raid comes out, a race is set up. We call it the “Progress”. The goal is to be the first guild to finish this raid in the highest difficulty. The first week the Raid comes out, two levels are available: the “Normal Mode” and the “Heroic Mode”. It’s a kind of warm-up week to discover new things and establish the best strategies. The following week, the “Mythic Mode” opens. And that’s where the race begins! And you have a French ranking, a Worldwide ranking …


KYKLOS: And do you consider it as esport?

Kusa: Not at all. All the guilds don’t have the same played time, so it’s not really balanced. We do not all begin on the same basis. Some guilds are doing what we call “DayTime” (playing from morning to late at night), and the biggest ones (eg: Method) will be able to do that over two full weeks.

For example at Wait For It, we do not do it like that. The first day of Progress when the Mythic comes out, we will play all day. But we will not do it for several days in a row. But, if everyone is connected, let’s go! We really do as we can, but we do not want to force our members! However, we realize that the members are often highly demanding which allows us to play more and more.


KYKLOS: To stay on esport, Blizzard came back on the scene with the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. What do you think about it ? (Do not hesitate to check our article about WoW news!)

Kusa: The event was amazing and having the chance to comment it was a great experience!

There have been two editions at the moment, it was about testing the model and the audience was very good! The community has also made a lot of feedbacks, and Blizzard is taking them into account and that’s great. And I’m sure that with time it will be even better.

And there, we can speak of esport, because all the teams begins on equal terms. In addition there is a cashprize, the teams train and there is a real confrontation. And this is the first time that Blizzard has created a LAN PVE competition. 13 years later they finally do it!

The only small comment I would say was that the total amount of cashprize was not high enough compared to the involvement of teams and players.

KYKLOS: There are also new things happening in PVP?

Kusa: Yes there are new things happening, even if I’m not too much in the PVP to be honest. And this one will not change in term of esport, the structure and the system will remain the same with the Arena mode! They do this to attract players to the PVP who was losing some speed the past years.


KYKLOS: Let’s get out of Warcraft! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Kusa: Well it’s been two and a half years since I’m a full-time streamer! It was not my objective but it came when I was at Millenium. I loved it and I am passionate about what I do.

But if you do not have this passion it’s hard to stream 100%. It’s a long way and you need a little help in order to succeed by living it completely.

Today I am backed by the company LnL Consulting, and I am fulfilled as ever.


KYKLOS: You also have a website, can you tell us more about it?

Kusa: Yes! This is new, the goal is to present class guides on BFA. For the moment it’s just small indications of the changes that are coming up on some classes and specializations. But eventually the goal will be to create guides to help people! We want to do things well, so we take our time! But the project is nice and I put all my heart to do it properly! Everyday I have questions about it during the stream, and I really want to help them.


KYKLOS: And do you play other games?

Kusa: I admit that I still play a lot of Warcraft even when the Progress is over. But sometimes I play a little Overwatch, Counter Strike …It is a way for me to do something else but I always come back quickly to WoW.


KYKLOS: Do you have some tips for people who will want to play BFA and have not played for years?

Kusa: Play the class you prefer and that makes you enjoy the game. Have fun if the performance does not matter to you.


KYKLOS: Thanks, Kusa, it was a pleasure 🙂

Kusa: Thanks to you 🙂


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