The crazy figures of esport!

Goldman Sachs, a well-known and recognized American investment bank, has carried out an analysis of the potential of the esport market in the years to come… and this one is rather… incredible!

The conclusion is clear: nearly $3 billion in revenues are expected for 2022 (against $666 million in 2017, so an increase of 445%).

But, what is the reason of such an increase? Indeed, several elements have evolved and will continue to impact the esport and its market in the coming years: more and more sponsorships, and an evolution of media rights related to the esport (ex: Twitch has invested 90 million dollars for the broadcasting rights of the Overwatch league).

Besides, can we talk about video games and huge surge without mentioning Epic Games and its game Fortnite? The publisher announced $100 million spending in the esport for the coming year, a thunderclap in the sector. After breaking Twitch more than once, the game of American company now wants to enter the esport through the big door.

So the esport has not finished surprising us all and still has great years ahead…


Some news from the gaming scene



While season 11 has just begun as well as the Overwatch League playoffs for a qualification to the finale on July 27-28 at the Barclays Center in New York, the roster of the French team for the World Cup, not football’s but Overwatch’s, has just been announced. Aka The “6” (without forgetting the substitute), it will therefore be composed of: for the DPS aKm and SoOn, for the tanks Poko and Benbest, for the healers uNKOE and Winz, and Nico in sub DPS. We wish them all the best for this competition that has quite a remarkable level!


Let’s leave the esport behind and focus on a more “down to Earth” topic. Blizzard launched a charity event in order to finance the research for breast cancer. The event embodied in the skin “Pink Mercy” and its sales revenues would be donated entirely to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The event was very successful since $12.7 million were donated. Yes, that is what gaming does, having a generous community who don’t hesitate to donate for important issues.


Rainbow Six: Siege

The fight against toxicity has become one of the spearhead of online multiplayer-game publishers. This is the case of Ubisoft, which has just integrated into its game a list of words that, when written in the chat, will result in an immediate penalty ranging from a warning to several days ban. We can only applaud the efforts made to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone.



Naruto to Boruto : Shinobi Striker

The first multiplayer online game of the Naruto license, published by the Japanese firm Bandai Namco will be playable in open beta on PS4 and Xbox One between mid to the end of July. We already know that a strong emphasis has been put on customization since it will be possible to control your own shinobi with elements from each of the anime characters. The gameplay will also be customizable since your character will be able to use jutsu also belonging to anime characters. Then everyone can have the ninja of their dreams. We hope that the matchmaking and server problems will be solved and that it will be possible to take full advantage of this new experience that should please the fans of the manga but not only.


KYKLOS beta is available, join the pack !

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