A great American show !

This weekend celebrated the Overwatch League Season 1 finales at New York’s Barclays Center. An arena worthy of the impressive show the players offered us. After very close semi-finals between Philadelphia Fusions and New York Excelsior on one side, and Los Angeles Vaillant and London Spitfire on the other, it was finally the Philadelphia and London teams that qualified for the grand finale.

A one-way final

Unfortunately for the suspens, it was a one-way final. The Londoners won the final by a clear 3-0. The Mergers couldn’t do much against the Korean steamroller that composes the London team. One particular note was the performance of the Tank Gesture and the DPS Profit. Both of which hurt the opposing team extremely badly.

As for Fusion, we were expecting a lot from the DPS Carpe and obviously from the French Gaël “Poko” Gouzerch. He will be part of the French team during the Overwatch World Championships. Despite courageous actions from the french player, with especially two “Poko Bomb” (term used to qualify the multiple kills recorded by the french player when he uses the ultimate of D.Va, the explosion of his meca), and rather aggressive Carp and EQO, the American franchise could not do anything.

The compositions Orisa-Roadhog-Hanzo-Widowmaker were much better mastered by the opposing team. It is therefore the London Spitfire who win this first season of the Overwatch League!


The controversy

However, let’s return to a small controversy. After the London Spitfire victory, the trophy was awarded not to the players as one might have hoped, but to the team owner. Obviously, the investment he had to make to get the slot in OWL ($20 million) plus the one to assemble a Korean team was substantial. But the principle of esport is to reward athletes. Nobody imagined the President of Real Madrid lifting the Champions League trophy before his players! So why would that be the case here with an esport competition?


In any case, it was a season full of twists and turns that ended in beauty by rewarding four very deserving teams and all sources of good play. We hope that the inter-season will be eventful and that the teams will return even stronger for Season 2!


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