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Red Dead Redemption 2

How can we summarise this weekly news without talking about the first gameplay shown by Rockstar Games regarding its new game Red Dead Redemption 2. To make it short, it’s obviously an AAA, with a huge amount of graphics specificities and interaction possibilities. The open world will, of course, benefit to the player experience, and the attention of details shown by the developers about interactions with the characters and the environment promises a high-quality immersion. The idea is to make you live the end of the Far West era, which is quite successful. The management of a camp base, the hunt, the saloons, the fistfights or gunfights, taunt or pacifism, everything is made so that the player can totally step into the codes of such a particular period in the United States’ History. We already know a certain amount of people who are going to instant buy the game which is understandable because for now, the game appears to be astonishing.


The EVO Championship Series

Last week was the most expected reunion of fighting games, the EVO Championship Series. the number of attendees and Twitch viewers impressed the community and raised the interest of the gamers for fighting games. Under the spotlight, Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Bandai Namco bestseller, turn out to be the most participated competition and the most viewed, even if it’s not even a step of the Dragon Ball World Tour. In any case, the Japanese license seems to bring a new dynamic to the eSport Fighting scene, which can only thrill us, because no one shall forget that eSport appeared on fighting games.


League of Legends

This year, the League of Legends World Championship is set to happen in Korea, and the identity of the competing teams is far from being certain. One team especially worries us, it’s nonetheless the triple world champions SKT T1. This season will probably be the darkest for the Korean team since even their qualification to the LCK playoffs was threatened. We hope that Faker and his teammates can overcome this tough period, because we can’t imagine SKT with probably one of the best LOL’s player in the history missing the World Championship in their own country.

To continue on LOL, we wanted to highlight the very exciting performance of the American team Optic Gaming. After a complex beginning of season, the team composed with the Frenchies Romain Bigeard as Sport Manager and Zaboutine as Head Coach is slowly but surely climbing the ladder of the LCS NA and is very likely to access the World Championship. We are thrilled to see French people realizing such a great performance. Optic Fighting!


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