The Six Major Paris on Rainbow 6, an esport slap

Paris, Porte de Versailles, Hall 4. This is where the biggest event ever on Rainbow 6: Siege will take place. The crowd arrives in large numbers, the stage is beautiful, the hall too. It’s Friday, August 17, and we’re about to take a nice esport slap…


We arrive on Friday late afternoon. Some people are already here and it is warm to see that the French fans are gathered for such a moment. It should also be noted that many foreigners came to experience the event for real.

We roam around the place: there are booths to play R6, a VR booth with the game Space Junkies (a little masterpiece for us!)… Everything is present to have a good time.

Then we go to the main room… First slap. An incredible main stage, a wonderful light show… Ubisoft made things big.

Let’s go to the games now. We are directly immersed in the quarter-finales (the group stages were played at the beginning of the week).

Millenium and Vitality are still in the competition, and will play on stage, pushed by the French fans!

Unfortunately, this phase is not going well for our Frenchies… Vitality lost 2-0 against Team Secret. And Millenium lost 2-0 against the future winners of the trophy, G2. Finally, Evil Geniuses and Rogue won their respective quarter-finals.


Impressed by the previous day, we returned to the Six Major before the games began. We took this opportunity to chat with players, coaches, casters (we have some surprises coming soon for you … 🙂 ).

It was the moment for us to try the famous FPS in VR: Space Junkies. And We assure you, the Team KYKLOS has won the match… (Do not hesitate to inform you about this game developed in Montpellier by Ubisoft). 

After this relaxing time and some photoshoots, the serious things begin.

The first semi-finale is between G2 and Team Secret. The second one opposes Evil Geniuses against Rogue.

As expected, G2 does not doubt and imposes his style against a solid Secret team despite lots of efforts! Our French players Bryan “Elemzje” Tebessi and David “sTiZze” De Castro didn’t deserve it!

Finally, Rogue could not keep up with EG, who won 2-0 as well.



Here we are… the Major’s grand finale. Ubisoft prepared few surprises for us before the event. A beautiful movie, talking about Rainbow’s esport scene and the last world championships. We hope we’ll be able to watch it on YouTube afterwards! Then comes the presentation of the new DLC with our two new operators Clash and Mavericks! The atmosphere begins to rise… An epic concert follows, reliving the music themes of the game.

Ubisoft has once again played its move very well. We feel the fans getting excited… Paris is ready to host this finale.

Unfortunately, the show is not necessarily on both sides. Carried by an incredible Pengu, G2 set the pace. Despite some good actions of the EG, G2 wins in this finale 6-2 / 6-2 / 6-2.


We would like to thank Ubisoft once again for allowing us to experience this magnificent event. Thanks also to all the people who participated in the smooth running of such an operation.

Esport is growing, and it is good to see that France is keeping up with its fast-paced development.

Thanks also to the people who agreed to meet us and talk about esport with us.

See you soon for more surprises!


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