At KYKLOS, when we don’t work or play multiplayer games, we like to escape into few different games, in solo, often made by independent studios, but which turn out to be extremely complete, pushed, and full of content. We selected those that have fascinated us and that we recommend. Enjoy!

Darkest Dungeon and its dreadful universe

Darkest Dungeon is a game developed by Red Hook Studios, released in 2016, and whose particularity is in its extreme complexity. It is one of those games that can be played to relax, but you will hardly go far in that case. The richness of the elements surrounding the gameplay is rare, the quantity of data to take into account is colossal, to the point sometimes that we fell our brain may have reached its limits.

The idea behind this game is to go through dungeons in order to bring back as many resources as possible in order to improve our village. Two gameplay phases are therefore essential in this game: the preparation of the expedition, and the expedition itself.

When preparing, you should take into account the personal characteristics of the members of your squad, such as their role, stats, accumulated stress level, etc., as well as the equipment you wish to bring with you, whether keys, torches, bandages or food.

Once in the dungeon, you will have to progress from room to room, taking into account the level of light that influences your stress, and obviously fight formidable enemies, open chests, trying to leave the entire dungeon.

So it’s a game with an immeasurable lifespan, a rare richness and complexity, which will certainly give you headaches but it can’t be more entertaining.


Edmund McMillen’s genius

This name may seem harmless to you if you’ve never been interested in Rogue-likes, yet this type of video games owes its popularity to him. With games like Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, McMillen has created generations of “tryharders” and people prone to get excited about once again very complete but also challenging games. Binding of Isaac is a game where you play as a child who will progress through different rooms trying to collect stuff in order to have greater damage or greater mobility. Only the cumulable stuff, the enemies are of such great variety that it makes the game very difficult to complete in its entirety.

There are many choices, quests too, with the famous search for “Devil’s Deal” especially, that we can spend hours finishing a “run”, with multiple possible script variations. The game is also very mechanical and a certain ability to dodge the spells of enemies will be important.


Super Meat Boy is much more focused on the speedrun, with a mechanical gameplay only, without any real stats boost or stuff to build. The goal is to finish levels dying the least possible, linking sometimes complex moves. Don’t expect to succeed for your first time, it will take many attempts before you hope to see the end of this game.


A new way to play cards with Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is a game developed by MegaCrit, released in 2018. The main goal is to advance step by step, enemies after enemies, to final bosses that give you access to the next level, knowing that each beaten enemy, you win gold, sometimes a potion, and the ability to add a new card to your deck (this is called Deck Building). Each run has three levels, you will have the choice between three different champions to carry out your run, and each will have a deck building which is particular to him. You will take care to accumulate as many relics as possible, since they attribute to you somehow liabilities facilitating your gaming experience, but to which it is up to you to adapt in order to optimize your choices and your actions during fights. The interest here is the access to “ascent mode”, which makes your runs more and more difficult as you finish them.

So the game becomes increasingly punitive as you play it, which is a rather interesting aspect in terms of player’s retention, since you fight lassitude. However, victories deserve to be rewarded a little better.


Our little French find, Crying Suns

Developed by the French studio Alt shift, Crying Suns is a game still in development, whose Kickstarter campaign has just finished. The story takes place in space, where you will have to manage your ship, your crew, and the other “people” in the universe. You will have to fight often, try explorations, recruit specialists whose skills could be very useful in various situations that would have been dangerous without them. A lot of hopes can be carried out in this game which takes again perfectly the codes of the genre, exploring a landscape little solicited, but with also the necessary complexity to satisfy the adepts of this type of game.  


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