Adrien, better known as Snarow, has joined the KYKLOS team. Captain of the Fortnite team, player, relay with the Business part… We wanted to highlight it, and what could be better than a beautiful article! Enjoy! 

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KYKLOS: Hello Snarow! Thank you for giving us this interview! First of all, how are you?

Hi KYKLOS! Thank you, it’s a pleasure! It’s going pretty well, a little tired since it’s been 1 month since the WOW extension came out and I’m still hanging on to this game. Moreover, there is Fortnite, KYKLOS and the personal obligations to manage… And obviously, it is the sleep that suffers the consequences!


K: Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what is your background?

Of course! My name is Adrien, I am 22 years old, I live in Paris. Like most people in this environment, I have been passionate about video games since I was a child. I started with Warcraft III when I was 8 and WoW when I was 9. I quickly made raids and got a taste for HL (HighLevel) content in most games. I’ve never stop playing it except occasionally for games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty.

At the same time, I followed a classical school cursus where I ended up taking a Scientific Baccalaureate. Then I went to ISG, a business school in Paris, and at the same time I became interested in League of Legends. I gently climbed to D5 division. I then had to go to California for a semester at the University. On my way back, I had lost some interest in the game and out of nostalgia I went back to WoW at the beginning of Legion to a top 10 FR level without pretension.

Finally, Fortnite was born! At the same time, I was finishing my Master at the CNAM in innovation, business and society in Paris. I wasn’t particularly motivated to start learning a game again while having to take classes, but the influence of my friends was unbearable… So here I am, manager of the Fortnite team for KYKLOS!


K: What did you like about the KYKLOS project? What convinced you to join the adventure and continue today?

I think that like many video game enthusiasts, everyone’s dream would be to be able to live with it. Whether through streaming, game design, competitions, etc. Even if, as a young man, I did not conceptualize this dream in this form. It’s like my childhood dream to be able to live from a job that is directly related to video games.

KYKLOS is the realization of this dream. The project is designed for gamers by gamers, the whole team is full of good will and gives itself all the means to succeed.

What convinced me and made me want to continue is simply because I don’t see the project fail. I am 100% convinced of KYKLOS’ success. I obviously wouldn’t know at what scale the project will be adopted by the players, but I’m sure we’ll be able to go through with it.


K: What does it mean, especially on a daily basis, to be captain and manager of the KYKLOS team?

At KYKLOS, I partly have an advisory role on the directions that the project can take on the plan/gaming esport, but also as an intermediary between the “KYKLOS project” part and the “KYKLOS esport” part (on Fortnite). I keep Basile and Rémy informed of the progress of the recruitment and training and I report the various comments or requests that the team may have. On the other hand, I also inform players every time KYKLOS takes another step forward in its progress, so that they are also involved in the project and not only feel like they are playing for a brand like any other brand.

Next to that, through my role as manager, my objectives are to set up and manage the lineup (i.e. to find and test the players who best match our state of mind and our level of play). Then I regularly contact each of them to make sure that everything goes as well as possible. This role also involves managing, training and streaming schedules according to availability as well as finding scrims/LANs for the team. That said, everyone is particularly motivated. They are already taking the initiative to find scrims to participate in and come to talk to me about it.

Otherwise, as captain I obviously have to stay up to date to match my team’s. But it is also important to ask the right questions so that everyone can question themselves as a player and as a team and make sure we keep improving.

K: You must be looking forward to going to LAN with this young roster, aren’t you?

Obviously, we are starting to count the days before the next event because that is the purpose of everything that the players give themselves all the time, but it is also a lot of apprehension. It will be the first event for us as a team, and for me as captain. I hope that everything will go as planned, that everyone will be at their best and that we will emerge even more motivated for what awaits us in the future, regardless of the results!


K: What do you think of esport on Fortnite? In terms of perspectives, visibility, opportunities, etc.

I’m pretty divided. On one side, I find the Epic games team incredible, the game is constantly changing, the decisions made about the formats of competitions are always very intelligent to me and I am very impressed with what they manage to produce in general.

On the other side, the game exploded very quickly, does that mean it will fall back as quickly? In addition, it quickly became elitist about the level needed to have fun on the game, and really divided the crowd between those who hooked fortnite and others. These same friends, about whom I was talking earlier, who convinced me to try fortnite, have all stopped playing because of the level of play, especially builds fight.

In short, the current game makes me wonder a lot of questions but I think Epic games knows very well what they are doing and that they will be able to make the right decisions to lead their boat.


K: What are your ambitions for the next few years? (In relation to KYKLOS but also in relation to the rest)

It is difficult to project oneself in years in such a changing environment as esport/gaming but I hope that they will remain the same as today, that is to say do everything possible to ensure that Kyklos achieves its current and future objectives! Otherwise, on a more personal level, doing my thesis would not be bad either.


K: Thank you for answering our questions. We’ll leave you the last word. Feel free!

Thank you to all those who follow KYKLOS! Keep following us, talk about it around you, stay informed of new things that are coming up! Thank you for believing IN OUR PROJECT!


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