Yes, gamers do care ! A lot can be said about the gaming community. But one thing is certain, a lot of people are involved in charitable commitments. Each community varies according to the game or influencers it follows. But in the end, when it comes to gathering for a good cause, it is union that makes the strength in gaming. These are just a few examples that we have compiled for you this week.


The Zevent

ZeratoR is undoubtedly one of the leaders of French streaming. He stands out in particular for the number and quality of the events he and his team organize. In 2017, he used his know-how and relationships to create the largest French IRL streamers meeting in France to reach the Zevent. 50 streamers, in the same house, who will stream for 50 hours in a row. The idea of this event was to collect as many donations as possible in order to donate to the French Red Cross, which was working in the West Indies following Hurricane Irma.

This event was a success as more than €450,000 were raised during the marathon. This figure was so astronomical that Twitch highlighted it during its 2017 review presentation as one of the largest charity events in the world.  


Pink Mercy

There are many ways to support a charitable cause. Blizzard, publisher of the game Overwatch, chose the skins. For a specific period of time, it was possible to buy a skin of the character Mercy, a resolutely healer/buffer character. And all the proceeds were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It is undeniable that this event was a success! No less than $12.7 million were raised to research for the treatment of breast cancer.

The community is generous every time it has been solicited for a good cause. Of course, it is possible to accuse the people organising them of only trying to improve their image. But the fact remains that bringing attention to a good cause, and participating in its financing, is by nature a commendable action and all the efforts made must be congratulated.


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