This year, the whole KYKLOS team went to Paris Games Week. Last year, we sent our faithful soldier, Rémy Bompar.

But for this edition, we will have a special moment: the final of the CIC Esport Business Awards.

Here is a short summary of our stay in this wonderful gaming event.


We arrived on Thursday afternoon at the Porte de Versailles. In the afternoon, we walked around the aisles of the hall, still in full preparation. It’s a privileged moment, everything is quiet and the booths are being assembled. Directly, we are completely surprised and delighted by the Fortnite booth… A zip line, a rocket-ride… Epic Games has once again set the level high! The PUBG booth is also impressive: 100 PCs ready to be used by the craziest of us all.

The doors only opened to the public in the late afternoon. So we took this opportunity to join our friends from Oserv (especially The Coach)! At 7:30 pm, on the ESWC stage, the “esport Summit” is held, a presentation led by three major actors of the esport scene: Nicolas Besombe from France Esport, Bertrand Perrin from Paris & Co, and finally Matthieu Dallon, founder of ESWC and the newly-created Trust Esport.

After this conference, a small networking cocktail is offered. We take this opportunity to meet influential esport people and discuss about KYKLOS.

Finally, we end this “VIP” evening with style. We are invited to the VIP booth of JeuxVidé Our day ends with music, and friends for sure.



We decide to go to the show only in the afternoon. We are experiencing the success of this event. The crowds are pouring in, and queues are getting longer and longer to test the new games.

We visit our friends at Ubisoft, and take the opportunity to test “The Division 2”. A beautiful moment that we enjoy given to the quality of the game.

We then walk around the aisles, talking with the different members of the booths. The games presented are all more impressive than the others.



The D-day has come. We have an appointment at 12:30 in backstage of ESWC stage for the presentation of the CIC Esport Business Awards trophies. 70 applications at start, and only 3 rewarded.

Mid-October, we went to Webedia’s offices to pitch and defend our project (there were only 10 of us left at that stage). At that moment, we didn’t know the other 2 contenders for the title!

Once briefed, we met our “contestants”: HandiGamer and MONCLUB ESPORT.

We discussed in a good mood around our respective projects. Each one giving his opinion and vision between interviews and photo shoots.

At 1:45 p.m., the long-awaited moment has come: the announcement of the results. The ceremony therefore begins with a brief presentation of the competition. Then, the ambassadors, DominGo, Kayane and Bertrand Amar, then sit on stage.

The third is called… It is MONCLUB ESPORT. Then comes the second one. Even before the name of the project is pronounced by the speaker, we were ready to go… And HandiGamer is called. We are paralyzed. We understood that we were the winners.

KYKLOS is called last, and wins the grand prize of the jury with €10,000.

Beyond the reward, it is also the climax of a year’s work that is awarded. We give our best every day to help the company move forward. And winning this CIC Esport Business Awards is a real achievement for us.

We would like to thank the people around us, who support us. Our families, friends of course. But also Damien, who has been supporting us for 10 months now as Community Lead, Maxime who brings us his technical expertise as a CTO and eventually, Adrien and our esport team who are entertaining our community everyday on Twitch.

Finally, we thank the members of the jury, who believed in us!

This is probably a moment we will never forget. And for that, THANK YOU ALL!


KYKLOS beta is available on store, join the pack ! 

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