During our visit to the Six Major in Paris, we met Bryan Tebessi. Also known as Elemjze, he is a pro player on the game Rainbow 6: Siege for Team Secret.


KYKLOS: Hi Bryan! Thank you for giving us this interview. Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you and describe your background a little bit please?

ELEMZJE: My name is Bryan Tebessi, my nickname is Elemzje and I am 22 years old. I am a professional player on Rainbow Six Siege. I’ve been playing the game since it came out and I reached the ProLeague level very soon after. I have been playing the game every day for three years now.


K: At the time of the game’s release, communication had been a little disrupted by the shootings in France. How did you find out about the license? Were you already familiar with the Rainbow Six universe?

E: Originally, I was a player on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. At that time I was working in a bar chain specialized in video games and sports called Meltdown. Ubisoft entered a partnership with them to promote the game in all Meltdown bars in France. One evening I was told that a new FPS was coming out and that it was necessary to build a team of 5 players for a tournament at Meltdown in Bordeaux. I tested the game, I created my team, we won the tournament, in the finale against a team from Grenoble.

In any case, I was quickly hooked up, I played a lot during the beta. So as soon as the game came out, I started working on it. Certainly there were not many competitions at the time, so I was a little dubious to give up CS:GO. But I liked the game so I gave it my all and said to myself, “We’ll see where it leads me”.  


K: Exactly, are you satisfied with your progress on the game?

E: I am very satisfied with it. Honestly, the first month I was bad. Finally, it’s mainly because I was surrounded by very good players, who quickly understood the game, especially Panix, RavaN etc. I learned a lot from them, especially the mechanics of the game. Then I brought back all my Counter Strike experience, loving things like that. All I had to do was get to know the characters and their counters perfectly.


K: What made you become a professional player?

E: Since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of it. I was always competitive, I played even when my parents didn’t want to. And being the best was my main objective. As soon as I got my apartment, I started playing all the time, with no one to bother me. I trusted Ubisoft on their ability to make Rainbow something big. It was a real bet because when I started the game, I had no alternative.


K: Tell us a little about your daily life with Team Secret?

E: Team Secret has a gaming house but Rainbow players are not permanently there, each one has his own accommodation. In the morning I get up around 10am. From 1pm to 6pm I stream. Then I take time for myself until about 8pm-9pm, and we go to train with the teammates, do scrims etc. When we approach big events, we organize 2-3h strategic meetings to get to know the game better, and in the evening we play against other teams.


K: Do you push your streaming activity a lot? How do you deal with both?

E: I am very focused on the professional player part. Streaming allows me to play and pass on my knowledge of the game. I want to be a teacher and I share my vision of the game. I try to answer all the chat’s questions.


K: What is the type of contract used in R6 teams?

E: It varies according to the structures. Some only swear by the player’s status as an auto-entrepreneur. We have real contracts with a salary at the end of the month.


K: Can you have personal sponsors or are you attached to Team Secret brand?

E: The players are representatives of Team Secret brand, but for example as part of my stream, nothing prevents me from being sponsored by someone else, as long as it is not a competitor of one of Team Secret sponsors. But personally, streaming is more of a hobby than a real activity from which I seek to earn an income. I’m mainly a professional player.


K: The rhythm of the pro players is particularly intense. How are you holding up?

E: It’s true that some mornings you don’t want to. But it’s your job, your life is based on this game so you have to be good, you have to perform on this game.


K: What are the next steps for the Team Secret team?

E: Now we’re going to take up the second part of the ProLeague so a lot of work in perspective, a lot of training, and we are goint to try to qualify for the Invitational.


K: Rainbow Six Siege has experienced an exponential growth in the number of players and its viewership statistics on competitions are more than encouraging. Do you think it’s a game that can hold up on the competitive stage?

E: I think the game can be installed over time. The quarterly renewal of the meta is very important, it avoids the game running out of steam and it pushes you to work constantly and create new things. Another thing I like very much is the maps which are quite interesting. 


K: Some analysts believe that R6 can replace CS:GO. What’s your opinion on that?

E: I don’t think R6 will replace CS, but it can equal it. It is important to keep in mind that these are two different games, made by different publishers. On CS, the individual skill is essential. While on Rainbow Six, it is very hard to win a map for your team alone. It’s this teamplay aspect that I really like about the game.


K: Do you have any advice for players who want to go pro?

E: Of course you have to play, train a lot, but above all believe in yourself. Give yourself the means to achieve your ambitions. If you feel you can do something about the game and you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, go for it.


K: Thank you very much Bryan!

E: Thank you for this interview.


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