Thank you ZEvent. A few weeks ago, we talked about the ability of the video-game player community, stream or esport viewers, to gather for a noble cause, a charity. We talked about the ZEvent organized in 2017 by the streamer Zerator and his right-hand man Dach. Well this weekend, the two friends reiterated by organizing the second edition of the ZEvent. Including all sources of remuneration, the event brought in €500,000 for the Red Cross. This year, for “Médecins sans frontières”, ZEvent and the 39 streamers gathered for the occasion raised 1.1 million euros! And we could not help talking about this historic achievement.


Still in Montpellier 

The principle of the ZEvent is to gather in the same room a certain number of streamers (39 this year) for about 50 hours in a row, in order to mobilize the communities of each one to collect as many donations as possible. Donations are then donated to an association. This year, the ZEvent took place in a room lent by the city hall of Montpellier, gears were lent mainly by Scoup Esport.

The vast majority of the streamers present this year were already there last year, but the team has integrated new streamers with Locklear (streamer mostly Overwatch), but also Maghla and Trinity (respectively member of the team Le Stream).


A lot of donations ! 

In order to motivate the community to give, “donation goals” were set by some streamers. Maghla and Trinity put make up on a different streamer every €5,000, Gotaga promised to quit smoking at €75,000, he will be joined by MisterMV later. More generally, a very large number of streamers have promised to shave their heads if the 1 million ceiling was reached. We are very excited to see the main players of the “Twitch Game” with no hair, you can imagine.


Domingo Radio Stream in live ! 

This year, another new feature was introduced. Domingo hosts a radio show every Sunday evening on NRJ, a French radio. Well, exceptionally, this show, Domingo Radio Stream, was broadcast live from ZEvent, receiving multiple guests. The show was broadcast live on Domingo’s Twitch channel, and broke its audience record with more than 90,000 viewers simultaneously and was even for a while the channel with the most viewers in the world! This is an exceptional performance, and for once a media with the size of NRJ is betting on gaming and esport, it is the best message we could send them.


To sum up this edition in a nutshell, more than a million euros collected, 200,000 viewers on average in the evening, more than 53 hours of continuous streaming, some streamers broadcast for more than 30 hours in a row and it was Dach who had to bring them to their senses and sent them to rest. One thing is certain, this event is historic. It was unthinkable that the gaming community could raise such an amount in 50 hours.

And yet, the generosity of the gamers left all the participants speechless before such a sum. It is difficult to say whether such a performance can be replicated in a future edition of the ZEvent. In any case, all these actions in favour of a good cause show that video games do not make people violent, that players/viewers are not antisocial, but human beings like any others, sensitive to the actions of an association like “Médecins sans frontières”.


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