News by KYKLOS ! Today we are going to talk about European esport. There are many news and announcements about our favourite games on the Old Continent. Here is a recap:


The incredible mercato on League of Legends

After witnessing the brilliant performances of European teams at the world championships, we are now witnessing a upheaval in European rosters. The transition from LCS EU format to LEC format, closer to the franchise system, and the fact that many teams that are still present in LCS have not gotten the agreement to participate in the LEC, all of those give players new opportunities to seize.

Let’s start with the most significant transfers. The G2 lineup is greatly disrupted, with the arrival of Caps in midlane, the passage of Perkz in ADC to replace the departure of Hjarnan, and the arrival of Mikyx in support to replace Wadid who left for Snape. Misfits has also made a lot of noise. sOAZ, Fnatic’s legendary toplaner, replaces Alphari who left for Origen, Febiven enters midlane instead of Sencux, and above all, the Korean Gorilla takes the support place left by Mikyx. Vitality fills the void left in the Jungle by Kikis, recruiting Mowgli. Origen arrives with a brand new roster: Alphari, Kold, Nukeduck, Sheriff and Mithy. The same goes for Snape: Profit, Kikis, Sencux, HeaQ and Wadid.


A top-notched record fundraising for Team Vitality

In order to equip itself with the means to achieve its ambitions, namely to become the largest esport organisation in Europe, the black and yellow firm needs money, in quantity. Well, it was done thanks to the Indian investor Tej Kohli, owner of the Rewired GG investment fund. The benefactor contributes with 20 million euros to the structure. This colossal sum will be used to structure the company a little more, to recruit, but also to pay the entrance fees to LEC.


Official roster of the Paris Eternal

The Parisian franchise, which will make its first steps in the Overwatch League in February 2019, has just announced the last stone in its building. The Parisian recruiters have succeeded in designing a 100% European team. Indeed, the last player is the Portuguese Luis “Greyyy” Perestrelo who will act as flex support. He previously played for Laser Kittenz in the US Contender Championship. He is finishing-up an already well-provided roster but we hope that the competition at each position will be able to pull the team up.

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