Many of you will certainly know Hearthstone, the online card game developed by Blizzard that takes up the world of World of Warcraft. For a long time, it was a reference in this field, and barely held a monopoly in the market. But today, many classic games are turning to digitalization as a growth driver, due to the obsolescence (for the large market) of paper card games. Also, other card games are developed directly in video games in order to take advantage of the mechanics offered by the card system. Here is our selection of the games that entertained us the most.



Artifact signs the great return of Valve among video game developers. Until then, they focused on managing Steam platform, abandoning the creation of new games. This time, they come back with a game that takes up the world of their famous MOBA game: DOTA, but also some of the mechanics of the genre. Indeed, a match takes place on three different boards (as in the lanes system), with the possibility of reviving characters who have fallen in battle (respawn) and equipping your cards with objects (stuff). Cards can be purchased or exchanged at the Steam Market. However, the game is not free-to-play and is only available on Steam.

Valve has great competitive ambitions for his newborn. Based on his experience with DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the developer wants to develop the esport scene on this game. The cash prizes will be financed in a participatory way by the community as for DOTA. A first tournament is already in preparation with the objective of a cash prize of 1 million dollars. With Valve’s resources and experience, this adaptation of the MOBA into a card game is expected to settle for a long into the esport landscape.

Magic The Gathering Online

Many of you have certainly started playing cards with your friends thanks to “Magic“. This card game institution now wishes to reach a new, younger and more digital audience, while renewing itself among its faithful. This does not distort the game system. The cards are always listed according to a color, symbolizing different types of mana. The gameplay is always made up of three phases: the exchange of cards, the creation of the deck and the game itself.

Although an online version has been around for a long time, the hype around Magic Online was renewed with the release of the Dominaria extension and an omnipresent advertising campaign. It is also enjoying a trend towards the Old-school style, with board games or other entertainment not involving computers.

Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is a game developed by MegaCrit released in 2018, whose goal is to advance step by step, enemy after enemy, to final bosses that give you access to the next level, knowing that for each defeated enemy, you win gold, sometimes a potion, and the ability to add a new card to your deck (this is called Deck Building). Each run has three levels, you will have the choice between three different champions to perform your run, and each will have a deck building that is unique to it. You will take care to accumulate as many relics as possible, since they attribute to you liabilities that facilitate your gaming experience, but to which it is up to you to adapt in order to optimize your choices of paths and your actions during the fight.

The advantage here is the access to the “ascent” mode, which makes your runs more and more difficult as you finish them. The game therefore becomes increasingly punitive as you play , which is a rather interesting aspect in terms of player retention, since you fight fatigue. However, victories deserve to be rewarded a little better.


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