This week we offer you the interview of the streamer/animator Yoshi. He is part of Solary, one of the most famous French structures. He tells us his story and evokes his ambitions for the future.


KYKLOS: Hello Yoshi! How are you?

YOSHI: Hello! I’m fine, thank you!


K: In case some people don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself?

Y: Well, I’m Yoshi, I’ve been a member of Solary for eight months now. Originally I was a chef in a premium quality restaurant. I have always loved video games, streams so I decided to start in this field. I decided to devote two years of my life to break ground and if it hadn’t worked I would have gone back to the kitchen. But well I continue the adventure even today because at Solary, things are going very well for me.


K: Did you start streaming on Fortnite?

Y: No, not at all. From the beginning I played League of Legends, then I went to Overwatch where I became semi-professional. But as soon as Fortnite’s beta came out, I started playing it. I immediately got hooked, without really being aware of the tidal wave that this game would cause later on. I was lucky I bet everything on a game that is wonderful right now.


K: How did you get spotted by Solary?

Y: When I stopped cooking, it was the moment when Overwatch was working well, and I was already streaming alone on this game. I had a small community. Unfortunately the game didn’t really take off, the Overwatch league is very elitist so it was complicated. Then Fortnite arrived, and for my first game I made it to Top 1, the few viewers I had loved the game, too. I played it a lot, the hype grew at an exponential rate. Other streamers, Gota’ started to do it as well, Ninja skyrocketed, so it was very interesting. The advantage I had was that I liked the game but I also loved streaming on this game.  

Like any self-respecting online game, the competition began to develop. Of course it was not official, but we saw teams like Oserv building rosters for example. Then one day, Lyon Esport happened, a tournament recognized as being dedicated to League of Legends, organized with the Epic Games Community Manager, the first Fortnite team tournament. Suddenly, a lot of rosters were formed, the slots were sold out very quickly. At that time, I didn’t have any team but I wanted one, I wanted to participate.

Then I met Kinstaar while streaming. We played a lot together, then one day, a room in the Oserv roster where Kinstaar played became available and the structure was making tests to find a player. The tests went super well, and two days later I was taken to go to the LES. We went to the LAN, we won it really easily, we were already far ahead on the competitive mindset. And at that moment, I had some nerve, and I went straight to LRB, the director of Solary, to ask him if we could play on the Solary stage. LRB knew Kinstaar and he thought the idea was excellent. So we played the final on the Solary stage, first game we made a Top 1, with 18,000 viewers. So we won the LAN and two days later Solary asked us to join them to build their roster.


K: How would you describe your status at Solary?

Y: Originally I joined Solary as a pro player, after our victory at last year’s Lyon Esport. Then, because of my age, I had trouble competing with the younger players who were much faster, so I preferred to focus on a more sustainable activity than being a pro-player. Though, I became an animator, streamer and caster. I still play the skirmish so I keep practicing on the game but I tend to turn to something else.


K: Is the atmosphere you find in LAN, at conventions something you like? Or would you rather be at Solary’s office, or even at home?

Y: You must know that I am one of the former members of the esport scene. I was already doing LANs fifteen years ago. We played on huge PCs, big CRTs. I was present at the first French LANs of CS, LOL and it’s something I’ve always liked. Now, when I go to the LAN, people recognize me, they want to take picture with me,so it’s totally different from what I’ve been around in the past. But I love it because it’s a great time when you can meet people. It’s nice to stream at home and have fun in your room but meeting people is incredible.


K: You are now a recognized streamer. You are part of a structure with an exceptional viewership, a real brand image, a must-have on the French scene. How, in terms of animation, do you manage to keep this audience and especially how do you develop it?

Y: I have a little something extra, a little something that makes it work rather well. I love innovating. I am the streamer at Solary who invents the most new games and concepts to entertain viewers. On the Solary channel, you find the professional players who are there to tryhard and show a high level when they are live but they are not here to make the show. I’m more about the animation part. This is what led to the creation of the “1,2,3 Solary ! which is a variant of “Red Light, Green Light” where when you move you die. People like it very much.

And I make up a lot of little games like that. When I stopped being a pro-player, I started the Yoshi Cup, it went really well, I was able to make myself noticed as an organizer but also as a caster. That’s why when Kinstaar went to the E3 convention, I hosted and commented on the whole tournament, and I did it with pleasure. Now I do it more and more, especially with the Skirmish.


K: Are you thriving today?

Y: Clearly. I think you can even see it. My life has changed completely in less than a year. Living off his passion is an opportunity I have. I live off it very well. But we must not forget that it may also not work. So if some people want to get into this, make sure you have a solid plan B, have some back-up, just in case.


K: Great! Great! Thank you very much Yoshi, it’s a real pleasure to meet you, keep it up, it’s huge!

Y: My pleasure, guys, nice to meet you!


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