Role-playing game, a very popular game style

After the release of the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, we can see that role-playing games are very popular with the general audience at the moment. This style of gameplay, involving the development of the character played, has the merit of keeping the player in front of his screen for a long time and offers an important lifespan, which gives the customer the feeling of having “a worthy purchase”. But that’s not all.

The vast majority of RPGs allow both a technical and aesthetic improvement of the character. Customization of clothing is becoming an imperative in almost all games today but it is RPGs that have historically offered the major opportunities on this side. In addition, the technical customization of the character multiplies the possibilities of gameplay, the player gets to choose his playstyle. This possibility further extends the life of the game, which can be played in a certain way and then restarted by adopting a totally different gameplay.

These are two elements that justify the current trend towards the return of RPGs to the forefront. Of course, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a real breakthrough in the genre, bringing a huge open world, an unprecedented precision in terms of environment and details, in short, an immersion we have rarely encountered.


But, what about the other publishers? 

But Rockstar, the publisher of RDR2, is not the only one who can benefit from this RPG trend. Ubisoft also made this bet with the Assassin’s Creed license. From a game originally focused on assassination and action, we now face a real RPG, with equipment improvements requiring a certain period of farming, boss battles, aggro management, or an immeasurable number of side quests, in addition to the main quest.

In the same vein, Bandai Namco, the Japanese publisher, known especially as the publisher of Darks Souls and The Witcher 3, is also launching into open-world RPG with an in-house game this time, One Piece World Seeker. Although little is known about the character’s specialization possibilities, we already know that it will be possible to play Luffy in an open world and follow a new story. This is a first of a kind for the Japanese studio, so be careful not to expect too much from it, but this new opportunity brings hope for a studio that had made its specialty fighting games in two dimensions.


The classic one… 

How to talk about RPGs without talking about The Elder Scrolls. The license is now part of the history of video games, and has given birth to RPG classics of its kind, such as Skyrim, to name but a few. And well after years of waiting, Bethesda has finally decided to launch the development of a new opus. Although its release is difficult to forecast before 2021, many people are already expecting a lot from this game.

Despite the excitement around these new games, it should be remembered that it took Rockstar eight years and millions of dollars to develop a masterpiece like RDR2. It will therefore be rare to achieve such a high level of quality in the industry. But it is by setting this kind of qualitative barriers that the industry advances and pushes the limits of entertainment even further, which undoubtedly explains consumers’ appetite for RPGs.


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