The DGSE in our game ? 

Last week, the organism in charge of French internal security, the DGSE, published an announcement to recruit a video game specialist, who would be responsible, during a 6-month internship, for mapping the French video game landscape and explaining how it works. The ultimate goal will be to integrate the games with the biggest user base and to infiltrate the voice chat systems available on these games. The DGSE suspects that some malicious persons use those means of communication to exchange essential information.


Like a famous French tv show… 

The French series “Le Bureau des Légendes” had given an overview of this practice, by putting on screen the secret services trapping potential terrorists who played FIFA and Call of Duty. For this announcement, the targeted games would be Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO, and PUBG.

As a matter of principle, we are entitled to have a divided opinion on the subject. Some may argue that this is another invasion of privacy by government services. This is not totally false, especially since this is a case of wiretapping and email infiltration. This would mean that even when a citizen is only looking for entertainment, he or she would also be watched by the secret services. Some may say that if you have nothing to blame yourself for, it is not particularly embarrassing. This is also true, since technically, a wiretap is “painless” for the person, in the sense that he or she is not supposed to realize it.


Everyone has its own opinion! 

Everyone will have their own opinion, in any case, we must underline the modernism of the DGSE’s strategy. We now know that the largest social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as the largest data generators, Google, Apple and Amazon, are cooperating with the Government by providing them with certain information and access to certain conversations. However, the in-game chats of these online multiplayer games are indeed sheltering people wishing to escape this surveillance. It is therefore quite clever to place vigilance towards these technologies. However, it should be noted that communities remain relatively young on these games, and that there is a strong chance that the targeted communications will be flooded with the immense daily flow of messages and discussions that these games retain.

What do you think about that? We are curious to know your opinion, so don’t hesitate to share it by commenting on this post 🙂


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