From streamer to game producer ! 

Streaming has become compulsory in the video game industry for several months. It made it possible to bring out personalities, animators, to develop new strategies of influence among others. But streaming may not last forever and it is a good idea to look for other activities, other sources of growth and income. This is the situation with ZeratoR, a French multigaming streamer, who launched its independent video game studio, Unexpected. After two years of development, the company is now delivering the first fruit of its work, dWARf.

The concept

dWARf is an online multiplayer free-to-play arena multiplayer. The Lore consists in dwarves who compete in income-generating activities, revenues that will be converted into points. The principle is to be the player or team to collect the most points after three rounds. Each round constitutes the achievement of a specific objective for an arena. Players will be able to compete by collecting ducks for sale, crafting items of fluctuating value, filling barrels or trying to keep possession as long as possible. Each achievement brings a certain number of points, and the winner is the one who has accumulated the most points at the end of the three arenas.

Regarding the game’s business model, the funds used for development were raised through two main sources: Zerator’s company, which receives streaming revenues, funded the creation and the operation of the studio. In addition, when the alpha was released, it was possible to buy packs to participate in the funding of the game, in exchange for certain rewards such as a pseudonym of a particular color, specific skins etc., on the same model as the participatory financing for example.  The game’s revenues over time are generated by the purchase of customization tools for its avatar and in-game character, otherwise called pay-to-skin, as well as the purchase of pets, and smoke. This being said, we can expect the incorporation of other purchasable items to ensure long-term profitability of the game.

This game is part of the party game category, a very popular type of game since the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This is the second project of Unexpected but it is the first to have been successful. It is reasonable to assume that the next game in the studio will follow the concept of the first one and will certainly be more narrative.


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