Behind every great man, there is a woman! This week, we are honored to highlight a woman who is not just anyone but the manager of the most successful French player on Call Of Duty… Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein. His career, his role in the Gotaga Corp, his most beautiful memory… Elise agreed to answer our questions!

(PS: this interview was conducted before the “Game of Korps” event between Gotaga Corp and Kameto Corp in the Eiffel Tower)


Kyklos: Could you introduce yourself for people who would not know you?

Elise: Hello everyone, my name is Elise, and I’m Gotaga’s manager! I did a lot of things before it came to this! I was an editor for a gaming website, I worked for brands linked to this environment too… And from one meeting to the next here I am at Gotaga Corp!


Kyklos: We’re going to get to the core of the matter: what is your position and your role alongside Corentin?

E: At the time it was done, he needed to surround himself. He already had someone to manage the entire Youtube/Twitch part, but he also needed someone to manage all the trademark applications. It exploded very quickly so the solicitations were more and more numerous. There were lots of discussions about how I felt doing this, based on my experiences and abilities as well! Knowing that when I was at Burn Controllers I evolved very quickly! In the end, I was in charge of the partnership part at the European level.

So I was familiar with the influencer market! And we’ve known each other for quite some time now! So my exact position, I’m actually an agent. I manage the Special Operations, the different requests, his schedule… I also take care of the contracts with brands! And I have an important event management hat. It’s very wide!


Kyklos: My next question will focus on the branding part. I suppose the brands mainly come to you? Could you explain a bit how it is behind the scenes on this topic? And how do you manage this relationship with brands?

E: You have two levels: the Operations level and the Sponsor level. For the Operations, the brands generally come to do a “one-shot” event. For sponsors, it is more about the gears that Gotaga uses. We will go to see the brands and explain that we like the product. But it’s still a small part compared to the Operations in the sense that we know them well, with whom Corentin has been working for some time. It’s really two different things.


Kyklos: And for everything that is an event such as the “Gotaga Show Barrière”, are you at the initiative of the idea? Or is it a project that is presented to you and on which you work afterwards?

E: For this one, it was special because it was a Webedia request! It was to honor their deal with Barrière Casinos! And so he wanted to do this event around Corentin’s image, and not several influencers! The basic pitch wasn’t necessarily what the event seemed in the end! We really had a lot of discussions with Webedia. And Corentin also gave a lot of ideas to make the event look like him too! Inserting the shows we usually do live on Monday, for example, was not part of the basic plan!

So in concrete terms, the framework is Webedia! For the content, it’s more the Gotaga Corp!


Kyklos: And is a project of such scope still in your projects? Or is it really a very special type of event that can’t be regular? And how did you feel after the “Gotaga Show Barrier”?

E: The after event is always terrible. Especially this one! We have to get back in the game and set ourselves new goals! It’s a closing chapter. But even if it’s still occasional, it’s something you want to do again, on a small or large scale! I can’t say any more than that! But it’s very pleasant to be able to give back to the audience what they give us by doing something else than just doing, Corentin streaming into the studio! And even for us members of his team it allows us to work differently and to meet his audience as well. And don’t forget that it’s also a business!

We are always conquering performance, the peak of the viewers… Corentin has always had this winning mentality. He is always looking to go higher and is not satisfied with what he has! And he instilled that in us as part of the team.


Kyklos: And if we look back at the brands, do you also see new brands that are interested in our market?

E: What I notice above all is that brands external to gaming are starting to position themselves. A great example: Adidas with Vitality! This is the kind of brands that comes to work on their brand image. They want to reach people who no longer watch their ads on television. But these people know them anyway! And that’s great for us. In addition, these brands come with a real desire for positioning and budgets! And for companies like ours it’s great! Don’t think that all the money goes directly into Corentin’s pockets! He has employees, projects… And it costs money!

It allows us to improve, to offer more content! Another very concrete example: the Scuf House! It allowed us to have a workplace for the whole team. It allowed Corentin to have a real studio, to propose new formats of shows… And these are the brands that allow you to do so! Seeing new brands coming in couldn’t be better! As I told you earlier, our goal is to progress and make progress on the various projects we have around Corentin!

Then there are “historical” brands that have been present since the beginning! So they are here to really reach as many people as possible! They want to make sales, and target their audiences with gaming influencers!


Kyklos: It’s great that you talk about it, I was coming to it, can you tell us more about the “Scuf House” project?

E: So I wasn’t there when the project was set up! Corentin wanted to evolve and have bigger studios. And in its partners, one of the only brands that could follow was Scuf. Besides, they had already done it in other countries! So it made sense to do it in France with Corentin! I can’t tell you much more because I wasn’t arrived yet when it happened… I got the file in my hands along the way!


Kyklos: After the external brands, I wanted to talk about Gotaga’s brand and website too! You launched the products a few months ago now, can you tell us a little bit about them?

E: We are very happy! Corentin has an incredible conversion power. The community that follows him is young, but very committed! It works very well. The products are of high quality… It is even a priority! Quality comes first! For the moment we are very happy with the result!


Kyklos: You insist that Corentin pulls people up! What are your personal ambitions with / for GotagaCorp?

E: It’s not a simple question! In the long run, it’s hard to say. It depends on what Corentin wants to do! And even for him it’s complicated to project himself! Maybe one day he’ll get tired of streaming, we don’t know that! So we will have to see which way the company will go. But how, when… I don’t know!

In the short term, we have so many projects on the fire that we won’t get bored! I have my own personal goals too: to surpass such a person on social networks, to take up the peak of viewers… I have this culture of winning too. There’s always something to be gained!


Kyklos: What has been the most important thing for you since you joined GotagaCorp?

E: I answer you the “Gotaga Show Barrière”! It was incredible. It’s the peak of the viewers, it’s the event in physics.

The meeting with Ninja was great! Thanks again to RedBull for that! But I hope the best is yet to come.


Kyklos: Elise, thank you for your time! See you very soon,

E: Thank you!


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