A global launch

Launched as a beta version in November 2018 after winning CIC Esport Business Awards at Paris Games Week, KYKLOS has now been live for everyone since Monday 17th, June 2019 in Europe on iOS and Android.

KYKLOS provides a solution for gamers to enjoy a better multiplayer social experience on a large range of games.

Available in English and French, the tool designed by Rémy BOMPAR and Basile FERRANTE, the two founders, is a matching interface to connect video-game players altogether in order to find teammates with the same skills and mindset. KYKLOS, it is also a social experience with numbers of events highlighted in the app, online or physical, with exclusive venues, so the players can experience the best moments, playing or just chilling out with friends!

The two 24-year-old entrepreneurs gathered more experienced people around them, with market experts, seasoned entrepreneurs and psychologists in order to design a powerful tool with relevant profiles while being as UX-friendly and intuitive as a dating app.

When we started, we wanted to create a Tinder for gamers, with the social experience at the core of our beliefs. KYKLOS now takes into account a dozen successful games, such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty or Rocket League. These are games with a strong talented community around the world” claims Basile FERRANTE, the company’s COO. With time, we matured the concept to end up with the current version.

Rémy BOMPAR, KYKLOS’ CEO then adds “esport is now working exactly like traditional sports, we need to secure the amateur base if we want to sustain the professional scene on the long run. That’s the reason why we are now partnering with RIOT GAMES, we want to provide their players an intuitive and relevant matching tool to structure their community”.


RIOT GAMES join the pack

Actually, RIOT GAMES has just signed a partnership agreement with the French start-up in order to deploy the concept on the French scene. The main goal is to foster the structuration of the amateur and semi-pro ecosystems on a national scale to allow new talents to break ground, and to allow them to play competitions like the Second Division which will appear in 2020, or the French Open Tour and the French League (LFL) which was launched earlier in 2019.

KYKLOS is also negotiating with other worldwide game editors who encounters the same issues and who could help their growth on new markets. In March 2019, KYKLOS was selected to enter the Start-up Garage by FACEBOOK to help them on data management initiatives.


A fundraising ? 

KYKLOS is about to raise €1 million – a part of it is already secured – in order to expand quickly on the European market and develop new features, such as rewarding the played time to allow users to get discounts on their brand partnerships like ASUS, who is already partnering with the French start-up.


Feel free to download some graphics ressources of the App


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