Explorers’ comeback : 

Previously known as simple heroes from a wild adventure on Hearthstone, Elise, Reno, Brann and of course our valiant Sir Finley Mrrgglton are coming back today as official hero classes but this time, they aren’t just interested in gold, they’re also looking for something more valuable ; They’re coming to save the world ! 

The new Hearthstone Expansion has been released this Monday,1st July 2019. This is the Year of the Dragon’s second extension, following « Rise of the Shadows ».

It is scheduled on the 6th August this year. The complete set counts 135 new cards and it offers a new game mechanic : « reincarnation » which allows you to make a minion back to life with 1HP after being defeated. 

Quests cards : 

Some have regretted them, others wanted them to never return again in ladder but here they are ; Quests cards in Hearthstone ! 

This year, each of every single quest card (one per hero class) offers to the players a special reward : a new passive hero power once the quest is complete. Until this day, only two classes have seen those cards released : Druid & Warlock, which gives us seven more to discover !  

Pre-purchase of the « Saviours of Ulduum » :

Like any other Hearthstone Expansion, players have the possibility to buy it before anyone else does : 

  • – « Saviours of Uldum Pack » : 50 booster packs & the backcard of Élise Starseeker + a random legendary golden card from the set for a price of 49,99EUR. 
  • « Megapack Saviours of Uldum » : 80 boosterpacks, the backcard of Élise Starseeker + a random legendary golden card from the set for a price of 79.99EUR. 
  • A new solo adventure will be announced during September 2019.

With this new expansion, Blizzard Ent. allows us to travel, discover ancient times of Pharaons when Rafaam was the Leader of all nations. Multiple minions are waiting for our heroes in those catacombs. Are they friendly, neutral or maybe enemies ? 

Are our heroes going to succeed their dangerous task ? Are they going to collect their quests ? Will they be able to stop Rafaam and his servants from a global world destruction ? To find out, connect yourself to Hearthstone on the 6th August to see if YOU will be the lucky one to help our heroes becoming rich and famous in whole Dalaran !

The app is available! Join the pack!

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