RetroGaming Fan since the beginning by arcade game saloons, GamingNewz is today a real addict to living room games, and a passionnate gamer. Also YouTuber & WebBloger for her own geek Webjournal she gently accepted to answer some of our questions and they’re right there for you !

M : First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

G: Hello my name is Sandra, aka GamingnewZ on Twitter. About 40 years old, I started to frequent video games via the arcades back then. As many, I started as a teenager, at the time arcades were a place where the girls sat next to their geeky friends rather than playing on their own. 

My first console was the “Megadrive”, with the very first Sonic, followed by “Ocarina of Time” on the Nintendo 64, so I easily have 25 years of video games behind me! 

M : I noticed from your Twitter description that you are a Splatoon player and this will be our main thread during this interview if you don’t mind. Did you play Splatoon 1 or were you directly tempted by the 2? 

G: Splatoon 1 is at home but it is rather the other occupants who play this one. I have been focusing more on Splatoon 2 on a daily basis, for the past year. 

M : What was your first contact with esport? Was that a dedication you had? Or did it come a little by chance?

G: As I told you, it was a passion that grew in me little by little. I can boast of having known esport in its early days, then I tried tens of games before finding MY favorite game. The ceiling of limits within any video game is often quite visible among players, we get “tired”, or the motivation to progress disappears. And I think your project is great for that. Having the opportunity to find players with the same motivations I find it fabulous. 

M : Did you identify any strengths in Splatoon 2?

G: The question would be more like: Why Splatoon? Simply for the content. The TPS format among other things but especially the colors in Splatoon. It is not a bloody world. It is a fun game but at the same time pleasant to play as well as to watch. Moreover, in appearance childish, he knows how to be appreciated on conventions because we see more and more logged lines to play at the PGW for example or on other shows. 

M : The LAN/competitions and the classic games that you can play from home have nothing to do with each other. How would you describe a game at the professional level or even in an international tournament if you had the opportunity to watch or even attend to one ?

G: Indeed, “random” games and championships have absolutely nothing to do with it, but this is nothing new. It should be noted that Splatoon is a much more technical game than it seems. Just the countless number of weapons in the game, you have to know how to find your own weapon. Get used to it, adapt to it. Here the weapon chooses its player. It is not the same feeling to play for example what is called a “roll” or to play a sniper. 

M : And about the tournaments ?

About the tournaments themselves, we didn’t really make any trips or big LANS, maybe one day. The only events we participated in were the few MeltDown Esport Bar tournaments or we followed the Splattoon World Championships on Switch or we were strong supporters of the “Team Baguette”. The French Team ! 

M : What would be the first piece of advice you would give to a player who wants to discover Splatoon? Are there only octopuses that snip or is it much more seen from the inside? 

G: The first advice? Buy a Pro controller on Switch. It is the best tool to make the games as optimal as possible and to ensure maximum comfort for the players. 

The second advice I can give is to start with the Story Mode in order to familiarize yourself with the universe, but also with the game modes, the characters and especially to fly over a little bit over the different weapons of the game! 

M : And do you think the game is still attracting new players? 

G: It is a certainty. Despite the smaller audience compared to other games such as Fortnite or high-interest games due to its only game station, the Switch, Splatoon is still a game that sells very well (and in Japan we don’t even talk about it) and we see it in salons where queues at each new expansion compete well with the new releases expected. And then we can also see it in Game, with a growing number of players. The well-known “SplatFest” is not only international event that everyone quickly leaves. These are links that are created between players, each player votes for his favorite, and he finds himself with players who have the same tastes. So you never feel lost in Splatoon. 

M : Does Splatoon have an integrated purchasing system? If so, is it a Free to Play or rather a Pay to Win according to you? 

G: Luckily Splatoon doesn’t have any integrated purchasing system, you don’t have to pay at all to play (except online where Nintendo asks for an Online Subscription, but apart from that you don’t have to take money out of your pocket to get weapons or the latest news to evolve) So this is completely Free To Play for me and that’s all to keep us happy! 

M : What are your personal ambitions in relation to esport?

G: I am proud to have gained so much experience and proud of my current level on the game. Combining an esport career and family life is quite complicated. I don’t dream of becoming a Pro Player on Splatoon for the “Team Baguette”. Splatoon will remain my flagship game of the moment, I plan to continue to play Splatoon with my team, spend great moments in our universe, and continue to develop the abilities of everyone in Game! 

M: We recently had a blink of a Splatoon 3 in the near future, is this a game that could be part of your wishlist if Nintendo were to hear the call of its fans and make its release official? 

G: It would be THE GAME to follow and buy! The last SplatFest was such a treat for the players, that we expect nothing less from Nintendo than to announce a Splatoon 3 in the coming months and to blow our hearts once again! 

M : To conclude, I like to ask this question: what are you playing at the moment in free time?

G: It’s funny, but the obvious answer would be right on Splatoon. If I had to ask myself something else, it is clear that The Legend of Zelda, which is a game that is clearly capable of making me leave Splatoon aside until I can (re)dive completely into Zelda’s universe as before! I’m more like a multi-tasker in terms of video games, but Zelda remains my number 2!  

M : Thank you very much GamingNewZ, See you soon!

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