Niizuma is a young French player and streamer from Hearthstone! Today, mainly on TFT, he talks to us about his career.

K: First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your career path?

N: Hello I am Nizuumaa aka Charles, I am 22 years old. I was present on Hearthstone before I stopped 6 months ago.

I have participated in quite a few small Parisian tournaments, with the ambition of improving myself and being recognized on the French scene. And I was therefore quickly “seen” by my results and contacted by structures that followed me in my ambitions and I was able to be paid what is a significant asset when you are an HS player. After that, I had the chance to partner with GamersOrigin, which was a great experience. 

K: What was your initial contact with esport? A chance or a vocation?

N: I would say that like many other players, I started playing video games when I was young. I played a lot of League of Legends, before turning to Hearthstone out of spite. It was a fun game and the Blizzard universe strongly attracted me. So I only knew HS very late, starting only in 2017. 

K: Have you noticed a change within HS?

N: Well, my evolution was very sad because I had to stop playing. I feel like esport in HS is becoming increasingly rare but it remains my personal opinion and my vision of the game. Unfortunately on HS, if you’re not good at it quickly, you can’t make a living. But it’s still an excellent card game for anyone with time to spare and patience. And then especially for fans of the Blizzard universe of course! 

K: The ladder on HS and the Dreamhack, MasterTour etc type LANs have nothing to do with it. Have you had the opportunity to participate in such championships?

N: It’s even easier to travel on Hearthstone, when you have the slightest chance of getting your travel expenses paid, whether it’s LAN entrance tickets or simply the bus, train, plane… and so on. Personally, I attended all the Dreamhack competitions (Tours, Valencia, Austin,…), the Gamers Assembly. I have also participated in smaller but still international tournaments.

 K: Would you have a better memory related to HS, a particular LAN? An anecdote? 

N: Without hesitation my favorite LAN is DH Valencia in Spain. There is a big difference between the French and international organization. I remember the presence of many semi-professional players, many of my new HS player friends that I saw and saw again at Meltdown parties or at different LANs like the special evenings or the “ArmaLAN” from Armateam. 

K: If you were offered a place on a top-level sports team, would you go back to the competition? 

N: It would be very difficult for me to go back to Hearthstone today. Unless it’s the best Hearthstone team in the world with all the benefits and compensation that would allow me to support myself…. Taking over a game is quite complicated, even when you’ve been a little talented. In addition, I had less and less pleasure in playing in the last few months. The game would also have to evolve on its side. 

K: What would be the first advice you could give to a player who wants to discover HS? 

N: The advice I could give to newcomers would be not to rush. You don’t want to win at all costs at the beginning. You have to understand the mechanics of the game, how the cards work…

I think it’s also important to ask questions to more experienced players around you or on Twitter who can then become your Ingame coaches or your friends from IRL tournaments. It is also necessary to know how to differentiate oneself from streamers who use decks sometimes “fun” with cards not really adapted to the meta and who climb the ladder next to it by playing a completely different deck when they are not stretched.

And above all, you have to play what you love! You shouldn’t follow without thinking the pro players who have a lot more experience in the game and who play decks they know by heart. Using the decks that work is good if you want to be a non-thinking player. This will not give you a better view of the game and you will not make your own image of it, which is a pity. You don’t become a pro player in two games! Hearthstone is very time consuming and requires a lot of concentration. 

K: And do you think that the game is still attracting new players?

N: I completely agree with that. Blizzard has such a strong communication force through ads with each new extension. The brand is so present at trade shows, the various derivative products are offered  broadly and international sellers talk so much about the universe that even if you are not a player you are necessarily familiar with the Blizzard universe. Just look at the figures published by Blizzard: more than 70 million accounts created for HS since the game’s launch. This is huge! After all, of course, not all of them are regular players. But it’s incredible for a card game! 

K: A little more challenging question, do you think Free to Play or Pay to Win? 

N: Without lying and deceiving anyone, we can’t start Hearthstone without putting in a minimum amount of money today. Unless you have absolutely nothing else to do with your days and only devote your time to this game. After that, not all players can invest time in the game. There are therefore game modes that allow you to evolve and win rewards! But these are complex modes that require advanced knowledge I think to really be profitable. So yes, today it is for players who have fallen behind with a Pay to Win game. 

K: What are your personal ambitions in relation to the current esport market if you have any?

N: Having started TFT, and becoming better because without bragging I am in the top 10 FR, my current objective is to stay on this momentum, to see what the game can bring us. In addition, as I come from HS, I am used to depending on my outings and constantly having to adapt. The RNG doesn’t scare me, I think I’m well equipped to play very good games on TFT and see more if this one becomes a completely esport game! 

K: To conclude, I like to ask this question: what are you playing at the moment when you have some free time?

N: You will have understood that I am 100% on TFT, a game that particularly appealed to me. If I have to point out another game it would be Dofus. I spent a lot of time on it when I was younger. But otherwise it will remain TFT until the next time I fall in love like this one!

K: Thank you very much Niz, see you soon!

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