Hi young wolf! What a great week for esports! Many events, tournaments have ended recently! And as it has been a long time since we have kept you informed of esport news, here is a small article summarizing the biggest news that you should not miss.

LOL: G2 wins the summer split in LEC!

What a season for G2 esport! The structure founded and managed by “Ocelot” continues to dominate the League of Legends scene. After starting season 9 on a sudden change of roaster, with the arrival of Caps, best European midlaner for most analysts, and Perkz’s replacement as ADC, when he was also considered one of the best midlaners. Through hard work and the construction of a real team spirit, this team of strong individuals, with little discreet egos, has found the right formula to ride over almost all its opponents. With his title of winner of the MSI 2019, the men in blue and black came back to conquer Europe, winning the Summer Split in LEC. It was following a bitter clash with Fnatic in the final (3-2) that G2 won his sixth European league title.

It should be noted that this new victory allows Perkz to be the most successful individual player in the European league. Indeed, he has participated in all G2 titles on the League of Legends scene, and although he is often criticized for his online and offline behavior, especially on social networks, it is clear that he has an unfailing talent and dedication that now allows him to win a new title, despite a change of role.

G2 is now an esport team to be slaughtered during the World Championships to be held in November in Europe. Last year, following the poor performance of the Korean teams, and Fnatic’s presence in the final, most analysts considered that “the gap is closing” implied that the sporting domination of Asian and especially Korean teams should be questioned. It must be admitted that with its performances, G2 seems set to achieve a very good performance at the Worlds, and may even lend itself to dreaming of a world title.

Although our regional chauvinism would be very satisfied with this result, we must nevertheless keep in mind the good form of the three-time world champion, T1 (ex-SKT T1). The renewal of the roaster, with the arrival of mastodons such as Mata (Supp) and Khan (Top), and the discovery of younger but more talented players such as Clid (Jungle and Teddy), has allowed the structure to start over on a healthier basis. The clash between the two teams will therefore be highly anticipated. These Worlds look particularly tight and interesting to watch.

CS:GO : Astralis wins Berlin StarLadder

This week was held Major CSGO in Berlin, and we were able to witness the confirmation of the domination of the Danish structure Astralis. Indeed, this is their third consecutive victory in a Major tournament of the season. Their dominance was so high that during the final phases of the competition, they did not let go of any map. No team was able to score an entire card against this team.

Described for their unspectacular style, they stand out for their efficiency and mastery of the use of the unrivaled stuff.

This edition of the tournament had caught our attention following the qualification for these final phases of the French structure Vitality. Although young enough on the CS scene, Vitality nevertheless managed to qualify where no one expected it. This is already a performance in itself. Unfortunately, the team’s path in yellow and black came to an early end following a 2-1 loss to Avangar. It will be the finalist in the tournament. However, this bodes well for the roaster’s future on the highly competitive CSGO scene.

Tekken: the silver medal for a Frenchman at the Dreamhack Montreal

Little known on the sports scene until now, the French AIFa distinguished himself by finishing second in the tournament. The competition certainly did not count for the Tekken world Tour. But many of the regulars from the big stages were present. Our Frenchman lost irrevocably to the Korean JDCR, who had already won the Evo and Tekken World Tour. Its performance will therefore have to be monitored in the future!

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