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During Lyon Esport, ZeratoR, the streamer, already at the blink of events such as the Zrt Trackmania Cup or the ZEvent, announced the creation of a new LAN. This video game competition has the particularity of being an Olympiad, the kind of gamer’s decathlon. And again, we say gamer, but we find a dictation there, so it’s not only related to gaming, but it’s nice to make sure that not only we broaden the LANs’ horizons a little bit, but we also force competitors to make efforts in their mother tongue. Moreover, the games on which players will compete are far from being the most popular.

Here, no Fortnite, nor Apex or League of Legends. First of all because of the format, since it will be 2v2, but also because it is the LAN of ZeratoR. This means that it is not sponsored by a publisher of one of these big games, nor by a large organization specialized in events and special operations. So he decided to pick games that he likes, even if they are not the most popular. We will find Starcraft II, Worms, Minecraft, Trackmania among others.


The Division 2

This week, Ubisoft will launch its new cooperative survival game in a post-apocalyptic world, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. The game was announced at E3 2018 and benefited from a major beta launch of special operations from various influencers. The game is marked by the new influence of skills such as the turret and drone, but quite globally, the game includes relatively few real incremental innovations in terms of gameplay or original content. For some players, it is a The Division 1.5…. But the franchise needed a real breath of fresh air. According to Ubisoft, this second opus will be more quickly watered with new playable content for loyal players, which was a major criticism for the first one.

The game will be live on March, 15th, if you want to download it, come here : https://store.epicgames.com/kyklos/the-division-2

Apex Legends

The phenomenon keeps growing! One month after its launch, the game reached 50 million players. There are few examples of instant popularity for a game, especially since no communication had been made beforehand. It’s a big stepfor EA who just hit the video game market, and more specifically the Battle Royal sector. The game was extremely complete from its release, the servers well in place, very few bugs to report. But it is one thing to have made a great start. It is now necessary to transform the test and perpetuate the success. However, players are really waiting for content. Fortnite has created its success with real regular contributions to the game, a skillfully organized buzz management, and an almost immediate competitive scene development.

Apex must act quickly if they want to build loyalty in their community. A ranked game system will be necessary to add more stakes in addition to the simple top 1 quest. And the appearance of new legends will become a necessity to renew the gaming experience. The expectations of the players are growing, the opportunity is great to be able to capitalize on such an express popularity.


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